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Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

May 28,2019

Any accident can be a traumatic incident for the party involved in it as well as his/her family members. It puts one in a state of emotional and financial distress.

Travel Insurance for Parents

May 28,2019

One of the greatest joys of life is giving back to our parents for all the wonderful things they’ve done for us over the years. Parents spend their entire lives putting their children before themselves and a great way to thank them for their unconditional love is to send them on a vacation.

Overseas Travel Insurance

May 27,2019

Every now and then, you need to unwind from your stressful work life. One of the best ways to utilize your paid leaves is to take a break and go on a vacation.A vacation proves to be the perfect breather from your hectic work life and enriches you culturally.

Engine Protection Add On Cover

May 25,2019

For the average, common man, buying a car is a huge financial investment. The joy of bringing home your first car is unparalleled to everything else. But in your enthusiasm of purchasing your dream car, you should not forget about buying car insurance.

GST on Insurance Premium

May 25,2019

Life is full of uncertainties and one cannot predict when something unfortunate happens. The unpleasant circumstance also brings with it several legal and financial issues that one has to face in the absence of a valid insurance policy.

What is and isn’t covered in your health insurance policy

May 25,2019

No matter how young or old we are, how health conscious we are or aren’t; health risks can creep up any time. We may require sudden hospitalisation which brings with it a lot of emotional and financial stress. Instead of worrying about how finances can be managed in such stressful.....

Accident Cover for Two Wheeler Insurance

May 22,2019

Riding a bike is an exciting, exhilarating experience. It is one of the most preferred modes of private transportation in India. While a bike allows you to zip around town conveniently, it also comes with its own share of risks, with bike accidents increasing at an alarming rate. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988...

5 servicing tips for your two-wheeler

May 22,2019

Any vehicle, whether it is a bike or a car, is a long-term investment. But like all machines, when vehicles begin to age, they do not provide optimum fuel efficiency as they did in the first few years. Also, the parts begin to slow down, which also affects the speed of the vehicle. This is especially true of...

Long term health insurance policies

May 22,2019

all of us are going to grow older and our health will not remain the same when we do. Old age brings with it a lot of health issues. There comes a time when we cannot even look after ourselves well enough. If we are not smart about taking care of our health while we are younger.....

Petrol Vs Diesel

May 20,2019

When you set out to purchase a new car, it is natural for you to want to bring home one that you’ve dreamed of for the longest time as well as one that fits your budget. While finalising which car to purchase, you have a lot of things in mind

Car Insurance Inspection

May 15,2019

Owning a car has become very easy these days thanks to car loans. It is also the best kind of vehicle that takes care of the transportation needs of your family members.

Importance of General Insurance

May 12,2019

Life is full of uncertainties and one cannot predict when something unfortunate happens. The unpleasant circumstance also brings with it several legal and financial issues that one has to face in the absence of a valid insurance policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

May 12,2019

You can never predict when an accident can occur. You could be driving on the road, have a sports injury or simply fall off the stairs and be heavily injured. If you are the primary bread winner of your family, a fatal accident can jeopardize the financial future of your family.

Types of General Insurance in India

May 12,2019

Life is exciting. It is filled with many milestones for us to tick off. But life’s unpredictable nature means that one can never be too prepared for what can happen; a fire can burn down that house you built; you could be in an accident which destroys your dream car and puts you in a medical emergency; your trip abroad could be filled with mishaps.

Everything you should know about buying a second hand bike

May 09,2019

If there is one mode of transportation that is economical as well as perfect for navigating through the crowded city streets, it is a bike. This compact vehicle is often light on the pocket, provides great mileage and easy to use....

What you need to know about insurance for knee replacement surgeries

May 08,2019

As we grow older, our body starts becoming weaker. It becomes more and more difficult for us to continue with our daily activities. Most old people complain of pains in their joints, muscles and even knees. In most cases, as the knee begins to weaken, people find the need to undergo.....

Buying Insurance Onlive Vs Agents

May 7,2019

As the world is becoming digital, more and more people are relying on online platforms to make their investments. Today, it has become incredibly easy to get information and compare different companies before purchasing anything, including your insurance policies.

Features and Benefits of General Insurance

May 7,2019

As life goes by, we begin to accumulate a lot of possessions and experiences. These include your home, your vehicles, and your travels. Health is another aspect of life that we hold dear.

Reduce Car Insurance Premium

May 5,2019

Buying car insurance is not only crucial, but also necessary if you want to drive your vehicle on Indian roads. But for most people, this is an investment that is deemed less important as opposed to say, health or life insurance.

Bike theft and insurance – step by step guide to filing a claim

May 05,2019

A bike or a scooter is one of the most convenient means of transportation. It is pocket-friendly, allows you to navigate through the traffic and can also be parked rather easily. The last point i.e. its convenient parking somehow also makes it susceptible to thefts. Yes, bike thefts are, unfortunately, very common....

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