Risk Engineering Cell Services

Risk Engineering Cell Services

Providing effective loss control recommendations

REC Services

Liberty General Insurance's Risk Engineering Cell has been specially designed to provide comprehensive risk management services as a part of insurance program offered to our customers. Apart from traditional site surveys, the objective of our Risk Engineering services is to eliminate and reduce the loss exposures present at risk site before they interrupt business, thereby protecting the assets of shareholders and ensuring there is no adverse effect on our client's organizational bottom line.

We work with everyone who runs their business; whether a multi-national giant or a Small to Medium Enterprise. LGI's Risk Engineering Cell has highly qualified specialists dedicated in areas like fire protection, industrial safety, liability, transportation, equipment breakdown, business continuity and worker safety which will help you in effective risk control solutions.

So while you concentrate on growing your business, our Risk Engineering Cell assists you in reducing risk exposure and providing effective loss control recommendations.

Risk Engineering is a probabilistic risk assessment using “Scientific and Engineering” skills. Our risk management solutions are integral part of the insurance programme offered to our customers. Liberty General Insurance Company under its “Risk Engineering Cell” services assists the clients with a simple, technically practical, transparent approach.

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Property Risk Assessment

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Our property risk improvement services provide review of risk control practices available at site. We provide our customers and partners practical guidance to address and minimize workplace risk. Together we develop integrated solutions that first address the areas of risk that offer the greatest opportunities for safety improvement and cost savings.

Property Risk Assessment includes:

  • Fire & Allied Risk Assessment: It helps in evaluating exposure present in your business from fire and allied perils and developing loss preventive measures.
  • Natural Hazard Assessment: We assist you in evaluations of the exposures your building and operations may have to natural hazards such as flood, windstorm and earthquake.
  • Storage Risk Assessment: It helps in choosing the best storage and warehouse methods to help reduce losses arising from this area.
  • Machinery Breakdown Assessment: It helps in developing best maintenance philosophy, identification of critical machinery, interdependency and exposure.

Electrical Audit

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It helps in verification of statutory compliance with respect to Central Electricity Authority/Indian Electricity Rules. Also to analyze electrical hazards (shock, fire, explosion, overloading), review of lightning protection system, static electricity hazards, type of electrical fittings work permits, interlocks, lockout tags, etc.

Business Interruption Risk Assessment

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It helps in developing risk mitigation measures that will reduce the risk of lost production based on identified exposure to your organization. This service will help you to reinstate your business after an incident in minimum time span.

Technical Documents Development

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We assist you in developing work permit, safety check-lists, flood precautionary checklist, emergency response planning and many more.
We share technical bulletin in addition to loss event news.

Thermography Audit

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To compete in the global economy, small-business owners must maximize uptime and protect their assets by identifying and implementing state-of-the-art predictive maintenance and loss prevention tools. Infrared (IR) thermography is a nondestructive inspection technique that can pinpoint concerns in industrial electrical and mechanical systems. A professionally administered IR program can identify impending failures in electrical equipment; production machinery; fired equipment, such as boilers and furnaces; and utility supplies and prevent business interruptions.
For small industries, it's a costly affair to maintain an IR camera and train resource for such analysis. Understanding such requirement, we launched thermography services for our client with no extra cost. Thermography helps our client in maintaining machines / equipment, hence minimizing breakdowns, leading to cost saving.

Work Place Safety

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In the world of business, keeping pace with the output and ensuring continued success is a key. Thus, there is no doubt that, each employee is an important and inseparable element of this process, who works in various capacities and work atmosphere.
It only takes one accident to have tragic economic and emotional consequences. Your employees are one of your company's greatest assets and hence their safety at the workplace is of prime importance to you.
Workplace safety is an important part of any work environment. This can be a construction site, production unit or a small office with very little movement. The important point to remember is that accidents can happen anywhere. With good training, safety practices and the necessary equipment, such accidents can be avoided or mitigated.
We would like to be with you in this endeavour and contribute towards the risk management process to build a safer work place.

Loss Lesson

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A critical part of reducing your total cost of risk and improving profitability is learning why accidents and crashes occur and how to prevent them. We will guide you on post loss control measures.

Balaji C.
Country Head - Underwriting & ​Claims ​​​​​

Risk Engineering is a key function fostering Safety culture across the organizations. It includes analysis of risk exposures to properties and facilities from events such as fire, explosion and natural perils and proposing risk improvement measures to arrest or mitigate potential losses.

Risk Engineering Cell (REC) at LGI is a team of qualified and experienced engineers having expertise and specialist knowledge in the areas of electrical safety, mechanical & chemical risk analysis and fire safety. Launching Thermography services and Safety Newsletters series are some of the early steps we have taken in our endeavour to build our technical capabilities.

​Our ideology of practicing pre-emptive intervention is well appreciated by stakeholders and business partners. These initiatives were also recognized by “BFSI Award sponsored by ABP News”. We are the proud winner of “Underwriting Initiative of the Year -2014”.

Since inception in 1912, we as 'Liberty Mutual' have dedicated our efforts to make the world a safer, more secure place to live and work. In addition to our services, our safety breakthrough products, patents and programs have helped millions reduce their injuries, illnesses and disabilities.

Carrying forward this legacy in India, our endeavour is directed towards building a safety culture by measuring naive actions, understanding the circumstances and monitoring the decision making parameters in hazard scenarios.

We will pursue methodical, effective and uniform actions which can be implemented in regular lives to avoid or minimise the consequences of breach. This education series of LiVSafe is a proactive and preventative suggestion for consumption of rational mindsets in safety arena.

Click here to download "LiVSafe Coffee Table Booklet Vol:1"​ Click here to download "LiVSafe Coffee Table Booklet Vol:2"​

We have issued numerous editions in this series as mentioned below:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Risk Engineering Cell?​


​“Risk Engineering Cell” (REC) services by Liberty General Insurance helps protect your property, employees and profitability by offering operational management, project management, site safety or complete risk management along with expertise to reduce the loss exposures existent at risk site in order to eliminate business interruption.

​What are various offering of REC?


  • Work Place Safety
  • Property Risk Assessment
    • Fire & Allied Risk Assessment
    • Machinery Breakdown Assessment
    • Storage Risk Assessment
    • Natural Hazard Assessment
  • Technical Documents Development
  • Thermography Audit
  • Cargo Risk Assessment
  • Business Interruption Risk Assessment
  • ​Loss Lesson

​Are these services chargeable? ​


​These being our Value added services, we provide these services at no extra cost. 

​How these services benefit client?


Every business has a risk associated with it. We provide these services to a multi-national giant as well as a Small to Medium Enterprise. LGI Risk Engineering Cell has qualified specialists in the areas of fire protection, industrial safety, liability, transportation, equipment breakdown, business continuity and worker safety. Our Risk Engineering Cell assists you in reducing risk exposure and providing effective loss control recommendations. This results in mitigation of a physical loss as well as the down time for business.

​How are these services availed?


Availing these services is very unpretentious. Just drop an e-mail at Riskengineering.cell@libertyinsurance​.in mentioning your contact details. Our risk engineering or sales executive will contact you. We will also guide you with the type of services relevant to your business.

​How to subscribe to our LiVSafe e-newsletter?


Please drop an e-mail at Riskengineering.cell@libertyinsurance.in mentioning list of recipient to be included along with their e-mail Ids.​

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