Secure Health Connect Policy

Stay covered in all emergencies

Secure Health Connect Policy

We always want to give maximum to our loved ones. We constantly worry about our family’s health security. With rising healthcare cost and increased awareness on staying fit, we are in dilemma many a times whether we are covered under a right health insurance policy!

We wonder if our entire family can be benefited under a health insurance policy in low premium! We wonder if we stay fit for our family, will we be credited for the same!

Now get maximum coverage at minimum premium with our Secure Health Connect Policy.

Secure Health Connect Policy ensures happiness to you and your entire family by offering all the features you always looked forward to in your health insurance policy.

  • Live stress-free by paying premium in installments

  • Get royalty for your loyalty by opting for enhanced cumulative bonus

  • Avail stay fit perks and utilize it for any claim deduction

  • Don’t worry about pre-policy checkup up to 55 years of age

  • Get guaranteed response to cashless claims within 6 hours of request

We are confident that this product will take away all your health insurance worries!

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  • Minimum Age at Entry (Adult) - 18 Years
  • Maximum Age at Entry (Adult) - 65 Years
  • (Children between 91 days and 25 years can be insured provided either parent is getting insured under the Policy)

Health Policy Features & Benefits

  • Pay Premium installments - Premium can be paid in installments reducing the burden to pay the entire premium at one go.
  • Reload of Sum Insured - Sum Insured can be reloaded equivalent to the original Sum Insured opted.
  • Enhanced Cumulative Bonus - Total Cumulative Bonus shall be enhanced as per the plan opted.
  • Flexible policy term – The policy is available for duration of 1, 2 and 3 years.
  • Day Care Procedures – 405 day care procedures are covered which require less than 24 hours of hospitalization.
  • Hospital Daily cash Allowance – Pays an allowance to take care of non-medical expenses incurred for maximum up to 10th day of continuous hospitalization.
  • Stay fit perks – Get automated additional perks on every block of two claim free years as per the SI and Plan opted. And utilize it after 2nd claim free policy renewal against any claim deduction.
  • Claims Assurance – Guaranteed response to your cashless claims request within 6 hours or you are entitled for up to Rs 1500/- per hospitalization.
  • Tax Benefit - Avail tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961 on the premium you pay towards your Secure Health Connect Policy.


  • Hospitalization Expenses including Day Care treatment: In-patient hospitalization as well as treatment taken in a hospital for less than 24 hours would get covered under this cover.
  • Pre- Hospitalization and Post- Hospitalization expenses: The expenses incurred before and after hospitalization upto the number of days as per your Plan gets covered under this.
  • Day Care Procedures/Treatment: Get covered for medical expenses for 405 day care procedures which do not require 24 hours Hospitalisation due to technological advancement in medical science
  • Emergency Local Road Ambulance charges: Covers expenses incurred towards transfer of Insured Person to nearest Hospital having adequate emergency
  • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance: Per day allowance that takes care of non-medical expenses incurred during hospitalization is payable for max up to 10th day of continuous hospitalization under this cover. This cover comes into effect after the first 48 hours of hospitalization.
  • Reload of Sum Insured: Under this option, when the Sum Insured is exhausted due to claims made and paid during the policy year, Sum Insured equivalent to the original Sum Insured is automatically reloaded for that policy year.
  • Enhanced Cumulative Bonus: Option to enhance the Cumulative Bonus earned for each claim free year as per the plan for a maximum upto 150% of the Sum Insured.

Renewal Policies

  • No exit age: Enjoy lifelong policy renewal
  • Change in Plan/Optional Cover/ Installment Premium frequency: Change in Plan or in optional cover or change in premium installment frequency or opting for this facility can be done at renewal.
  • Cumulative Bonus: Auto increases your Sum Insured by 10% to 25% for each claim free policy renewal with Us.
  • Health Check-up: All Insured above 18 years of age can avail a ‘Free Health Checkup after a block of 2 claim free years with Us.
  • Stay Fit Perks: Accumulate ‘Stay Fit Perks’ from your 2nd claim free policy renewal with Us at no extra cost and utilize them against any non-medical expenses, co-pay or sub-limits on medical expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Features & Coverage Related –
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Q1. What is the Age Limit for SHC?


A1. Minimum age Limit is 18 years and maximum Age limit is 65 years. Children between 91 days and 25 years can be insured provided either parent is getting insured under the Policy.

Q2. What are the variants and sum insured options available under this policy?

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Secure Basic – Sum Insured 3, 4, 5L

Secure Elite – Sum Insured 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 10 L

Secure Supreme – Sum Insured 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 10 L

Secure Complete – Sum Insured 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 10, 15 L

Q3. Who are the family members that can be covered by this policy?

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A3. You can buy this policy for yourself, your spouse, dependent children; above the age of 91 days up to 25 years, dependent parents or parents-in-law up to the age of 65 years.​

Q4.Do you cover daily allowance?

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A4. Yes, Only in Secure complete.

Q5. How many members can be covered under Family Floater policy?

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2 Adults

2 Adults + 1 Child

2 Adults + 2 Children

2 Adults + 3 Children

1 Adult + 1 Child

1 Adult + 2 Children

1 Adult + 3 Child

Q6. What are the optional covers?

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A6. Reload of Sum Insured, Enhanced Loyalty Perk, Waiver of Medical Expenses Sub limits.

Q7. What is Sub Limits on Medical Expenses?

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A7. The Medical Expenses incurred during any Hospitalisation due to the listed Surgeries / Medical Procedures or any listed medical treatment pertaining to an Illness / Injury shall be limited to actual expenses or up to the Sub limits (whichever is less) as stated in the „Annexure‟ attached to the Policy which is inclusive of its related Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses if applicable as specified under Part B. 1, 2 & 3 of the Policy.

Q8. What are stay fir perks?

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A8. It is additional perks on every block of two claim free Policy renewals with us as per the SI and Plan opted. This will be accumulated in your Policy automatically and may be utilized after the 2nd claim free Policy renewal against any deduction as applicable under the Policy

Q9. What is the instalment frequency for this policy?

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A9. It can be taken in Monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis

Q10. Do I have to undergo any medical examination?

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A10. Medical examination may be required in some cases, based on the sum insured and the age of the person.

Q11. How does reload cover work?

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A11. When the Sum Insured is exhausted due to claims made and paid during the Policy Year the Company agrees to automatically reload the Sum Insured as specified in the Policy Schedule, for the particular policy year.

Q12. What is enhance loyalty perk?

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A12. The Policy provides for auto increase in Sum Insured by 10% or 25% for every claim free Policy year up to a maximum of 50% or 100% of the Sum Insured as per Plan chosen if the Policy is renewed without any break. The Enhanced Loyalty Perk as available can be enhanced maximum up to 150% of the Sum Insured or as stated under the Policy Schedule

Q13.What happens if I take waiver of Sublimit of medical expenses

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A13. Sub limits as specified in the Annexure are waived off by opting this Add on benefit

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Listen to Our Customers

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Thanks Mr. Kaushal and Mr. Rajesh Portability for Mr. Rohit's son is accepted by Health Insurance Underwriting Team. This is a lovely example of ''OUT OF THE BOX'' thinking at LVGI as Dr. Liji has physically examined the boy after discussing the matter with Dr. Asha and Hemlata madam instead of compelling him to go for X-Ray/MRI.​​ Parents of the boy appreciated the way proposal was tackled as parents and the consulting doctor were not of the opinion of taking X-Ray/MRI of the young boy, as he was fit post hospitalization. Thanks to Underwriting Team for thinking differently.​

Priyanka Popat
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We have received the transferred amount.Thanks a lot for paying heed to our matter.
We will always remain grateful to you for your kind gesture.​

Seema Sanadhya
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"Thank you very much" to Rima Malhotra for your support and help 
I just want to  say, I was impressed by your work what you did. your quick response and you kept following my refund request of excess amount till to its complete.
Really I liked your service from your company and hereby I confirm that finally I got my refund (credited to my account) today. Thanks once again​

Vishwas acharya
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"I am very happy for the customer care services. Whenever I wrote or called I got quick and appropriate reply. Thank you very much for your response. I hope you would continue doing good work​

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    10/05/2021 03:28:26 PM

    I am happy to see that being a small company the employees talk to each other & resolve customer queries fast. I am pleased with the speed of service. Very professional people.

  • Pavan JH

    15/07/2022 09:58:26 AM

    I was surprised to see the level of professionalism shown by the claims & customer service team. They were quick and courteous. Cheers.

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