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What You Need to Know About NCB Calculation in Motor Insurances

Nov 25,2021

We all love getting discounts on products and services. A discount does feel good, almost like a well-deserved reward. Did you know that you can get a discount on your car insurance too? This discount is called the ‘no claim bonus’ or NCB. The NCB is given to you by the insurer as a percentage of reduction on your insurance premium

Here’s how to check your vehicle’s insurance status online

Nov 25,2021

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 makes it mandatory for every motorist to have a valid vehicle insurance policy to drive on the roads in the country. Failing to abide by this requirement can attract heavy penalties. Now, motor insurance policies need to get renewed from time to time to stay active.

An Overview of Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance

Nov 25,2021

Cars are prone to damages from a variety of unforeseeable events. Natural calamities and accidents can lead to losses that can cost you heavy as a car owner.A standalone own damage car insurance plan will help you in such situations by covering you for costs incurred due to damages to your own vehicle.

Vehicle Scrappage Policy - 101: All You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Car

Oct 01,2021

As Indians, we tend to love our vehicles and hold on to them for years of end. While we may be sentimentally attached to our cars and our bikes, using the vehicle for years on end can adversely affect the environment and increase carbon emissions. To encourage us to get rid of the old vehicles when they are past their prime,

Top Reasons To Choose Electric Cars Besides Rising Petrol And Diesel Prices

Oct 01,2021

Electric cars today are becoming more popular than ever. At some point in time, you may have considered buying an electric car for its many salient features. Today, vehicle owners consider electric cars a viable daily mode of transportation, which also offers several benefits other than the obvious advantage of saving money on skyrocketing fuel prices

Get the Best Insurance Plan for Your Maruti Car – Find Out How

Oct 01,2021

If you ever look out of the car windows, you will notice that almost every third car on Indian roads is a Maruti vehicle. Maruti is one brand in India that has built its reputation as one of the most trusted auto brands. For most people, the Maruti Suzuki 800 is their first car.

Zero Depreciation & Return to Invoice covers in Vehicle Insurance – A Comparison

Oct 01,2021

Securing your vehicle with an insurance policy protects you against financial losses that may arise from third-party liabilities or damages to your vehicle. While the government of India mandates all vehicle owners to buy third party insurance, a comprehensive cover option is the better option.

Dos and Don'ts to Bear in Mind Before Learning to Drive a Car

Sep 24,2021

Learning how to drive a car is a handy skill that helps you commute from one place to another without having to depend on anyone else. When you first learn to drive a car, the task may seem quite challenging. Additionally, driving comes with many responsibilities, including the safety of your own life, the safety of the people who travel in your car, and the safety of other commuters on the streets.

Understanding The Anti-Lock Braking System In Vehicles

Sep 05,2021

When you buy a vehicle, you must take the necessary steps to safeguard and protect it. Whether it is buying insurance, installing air conditioning to protect the leather seats, or fixing an anti-theft device in the vehicle, there are several options. You can also consider adding an anti-lock braking system to your car.

Used Car Valuation and Its Impact on Premium

Sep 05,2021

The used-car market in India has been thriving like never before. The fact that second-hand cars are more affordable has always kept the used-car market going in the country. But with people changing cars much more frequently now, and multiple technology and e-commerce firms entering the space as online used-car marketplaces, the sector has got a major fillip.

Roadside Assistance Cover: Why it is Essential

Sep 05,2021

To drive your motorised vehicle on Indian roads, you need to ensure you have an active and valid insurance policy. All vehicle owners are mandated to invest in a third-party limited liability insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. However, such a policy comes with limited coverage.

A Guide to Obtaining Temporary Vehicle Registration Number

Sep 05,2021

Buying a car can make you feel over the moon. But do remember that there are some technicalities and legal requirements that must be adequately met before you begin the road trips in the newly purchased car. One of these requirements is obtaining a vehicle registration number.

Learn About Car Insurance Claims Without The Need For A Driving License And RC

Sep 05,2021

Car insurance is a simple way to recoup any losses you face if your car gets damaged, in an accident or otherwise. A car insurance claim made to your insurer is a sure-shot way to pay for any damages to your car

Hypothecation in Car Insurance and How to Remove it?

Sep 05,2021

Today, buying a car is very much within the reach of salaried class and professionals. Easy availability of loans and higher disposable income are two major factors that have made cars affordable. A buyer paying the full showroom price at the time of car purchase is a rarity.

Cashless Garage Facility: How Is It Important

Sep 05,2021

In India, motor insurance providers have deals with garages all over the country. Cashless garages can be found easily and are accessible in every state. The cashless garage facility assists with vehicle repairs without the need for any form of payment to the owner of the garage.

What is FASTag

Sep 05,2021

Long vehicle queues and even longer waiting times were a common sight at highway toll plazas. But not anymore, thanks to FASTag.

FASTag - Uses and Benefits

Sep 05,2021

After much delay and postponement of dates, the FASTag was finally made compulsory for all four-wheelers in India from 15 February 2021. FASTag, which is an electronic toll collection system, is not an entirely new concept for the country

What Is Total Loss All About?

Aug 10,2021

Car insurance policy language, at times, can be difficult to comprehend even for people who have spent years behind the wheel. Total loss, totaled car, deductibles, Constructive Total Loss, total loss insurance and Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) are a few of the terms which are too

5 Phases You Go Through With Your New Car Insurance Policy

Aug 10,2021

One of the biggest joys in a typical adult’s life is when they get their first car. Be it an economically sound Nano or a fancy Jaguar, the pride and excitement that comes with the RC

5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Is Mandatory in India

Aug 10,2021

If there is one thing that is always placed securely in the glove box of your car, it is your set of car insurance papers. Whether it is a brand-new car or your parents’ old sedan which you

6 Things To Know Before Opting For A CNG Kit For Your Car

Aug 10,2021

Right from reading our science textbooks in school to listening to Greta Thunberg’s persuasive speeches, we have all felt compelled to do our bit for the environment. As adults,

A Definitive Guide to Bumper To Bumper Insurance For Car

Aug 10,2021

Car insurance is about selecting the right cover. For car owners in India, buying insurance is not a choice but a legal requirement. However, finding a fitting cover can be tricky

An Overview of Deductibles in Car Insurance

Aug 10,2021

It goes without saying that if you have a car, you need adequate insurance to protect you against financial losses in the event of an accident

All You Need to Know About Car Insurance and Car Spare Parts Protection

Aug 10,2021

Car and insurance go hand in hand. The more you love your car, the more care you will take of it. And what better way to show love than buying adequate insurance for any eventuality involving your car.

Should You Buy a Second-Hand Car Insurance Policy?

Aug 10,2021

India’s Motor Vehicle Act-Section 157 makes it mandatory for the owner to transfer car insurance for a second-hand car to their name within 14 days of purchase. There are two aspects of such a policy, third-party and own damage.

Driving License Renewal Online

Aug 10,2021

Chances are, it was during your childhood as you sat on your parent’s lap in the stationary car, pretending to steer the wheel and drive. However, as you reach the crucial milestone where you are legally an ‘adult’, you realise that actually learning to drive

Fines For Expired Car Insurance, Driving Without Insurance

Aug 10,2021

You cannot drive without Insurance in India; that’s the law. But thousands of people are caught doing so; that’s the reality. The situation is so bad that traffic fines have become a good source of revenue for state governments.

How Do I Find My Insurance Policy Number?

Aug 10,2021

What’s in a number? A lot, if it is a car insurance policy number. When we first get our insurance document, we probably do not realise that a unique number that appears on it holds so much value.

Importance of PUC Certificate

Aug 10,2021

With the United Nations strongly advocating for climate action and clean energy in their Sustainable Development Goals, most member countries including India have developed frameworks to realise those goals.

Importance Of a Key Replacement Cover for Your Car

Aug 10,2021

You have car insurance, but did you know you could also get a key replacement cover? Yes, this product is available with your insurer too and you may want to reconsider buying one if you haven’t already.

Types of Car Insurance

Feb 09,2019

Car insurance policy is taken by the owner to protect her vehicle from damages and/or loss arising from unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances. It provides cover against theft, total/partial, Third Party Liability arising out of Motor vehicle accident.

What is Car Insurance Benefits

Feb 10,2019

Auto insurance is an insurance policy taken by vehicle owners to mitigate the risks associated with a vehicle in case of an accident or theft of the vehicle or third party accidents. Auto insurance is also referred to as motor insurance.

Zero Debt Insurance for Car

Feb 11,2019

A car is an asset that depreciates with time. Depreciation has an impact on your claims in case of an accident. One might assume that comprehensive car insurance will eliminate any out of pocket expenses, but you are wrong.

How to Claim Car Insurance

Feb 06,2019

Many policyholders are not aware of what they need to do to get a car insurance claim. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you claim car insurance.

How to Calculate Car Insurance Premium

Feb 04,2019

Buying a third-party car insurance premium is mandatory in India. There are a lot of terms and conditions mentioned in the fine print of insurance policy documents, many of which you may not fully understand. Not many policyholders are aware of the way car insurance premium is arrived at.

Road Tax in India

Feb 07,2019

When you go to purchase a new vehicle; whether it is a bike or a car, the auto dealer gives you a break-up of all the costs associated with the purchase of the vehicle. One of the most important components of the final value of the vehicle is its on-road price.

Third Party Car Insurnace Calculator

Feb 08,2019

Driving a car can be a joyful experience, but no one can predict when something can go wrong. In case of an accident, one may get into legal and financial troubles. This is exactly what the Government of India had in mind when they mandated that all vehicle, be it cars, bikes or multi-axle wheel vehicles must own a third party liability insurance policy.

Car Insurance Renewal Tips

Feb 01,2019

A month before your car insurance policy comes to an end, you usually get a reminder to renew your policy from your agent. As you know, renewing third-party insurance is mandatory, according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, but most of you would also look at add-on covers or an own damage to vehicle policy so as to protect your car in case of an untoward incident.

Duplicate Car Insurance Policy

Feb 02,2019

When you buy a car, the first thing you need to do is insure it. While the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all car owners to purchase a third party liability cover that offers protection in case of road accidents and its devastating outcomes; you also have the choice to invest in a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Expired Car Insurance Renewal

Feb 03,2019

It is in the interest of the owner to keep the insurance cover on their car valid at all times, not to mention the legal complications one might land in if the vehicle meets with an accident.

How to Check if Car has insurance

Feb 05,2019

A car insurance policy is taken by the owner to protect their vehicle from damages and/or loss arising from unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances. It provides cover against theft, total/partial damage or a third-party liability caused during a road accident.

Car Insurance Guide

Jul 07,2019

Car insurance is an integral part of your vehicle journey, but it’s up to you to choose the right policy for yourself. At Liberty General Insurance, our car insurance ensures that you will get reimbursed as per the terms and conditions.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Jul 07,2019

Comprehensive insurance coverage provides another level of coverage in the event of an accident with another vehicle. It may help pay for damage to your car due to incidents like damage from inclement weather, floods, fire, and theft

IDV in Car Insurance

Jul 07,2019

Car insurance policyis taken by the owner to protect her vehicle from damages and/or loss arising from unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances. It provides cover against theft, total/partial damage caused to the vehicle.

What is IDV in car insurance & its importance

Jul 07,2019

The formula used to calculate IDV is given below: IDV= (Manufacturer’s listed selling price- depreciation) + (Accessories not included in listed selling price - depreciation) excluding registration and insurance costs.

Step by Step Guide For Getting A Duplicate Copy Of Your Car Insurance Documents

Jul 03,2019

When you buy a car, the first thing you need to do is insure it. While the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all car owners to purchase a third party liability cover that offers protection in case of road accidents and its devastating outcomes; you also have the choice to invest in a comprehensive car insurance policy

Road Tax – Rules And Regulations You Should Know About

Jul 03,2019

Road tax refers to the tax levied on all vehicles. All vehicle owners need to pay this tax before they start using their vehicle on public roads.

6 Car Maintainance Tips

June 03,2019

Car maintenance not only improves its performance, but also helps save money on repairs and enables you to procure a good deal when you choose to sell off your car for a new one. Yes, it is very important to maintain your car,and you shouldn’t ever ignore sending it to the service facility as per the maintenance schedule provided by your car dealer.

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