Everything you should know about buying a second hand bike

9 May 2019

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If there is one mode of transportation that is economical as well as perfect for navigating through the crowded city streets, it is a bike. This compact vehicle is often light on the pocket, provides great mileage and easy to use. It takes up very little parking space and helps you zip across the city conveniently. Most first-time-bike-users prefer to learn on a used or a second-hand bike. Not only does it help gain confidence to drive on busy roads but it also seems a prudent choice in case the bike endures damage while one is still learning to use it. Let’s find out how to buy second hand bike and the factors to consider while buying one.

How to buy a second hand bike?

When you set out to purchase a second hand bike, you should keep these points in mind:

Buy from a reputed used vehicles dealer:

It is always best to purchase your second-hand bike from a reputed dealer selling used vehicles. You can easily visit their facility or shop from where you can purchase the bike. Such dealers typically deal with hundreds of used vehicles. You should state your preferences; whether you want a gearless (scooter) or a geared bike, the make and model of the bike, number of years or kilometres done and so on. The dealer can help you get in touch through the original vehicle owner and help with the vehicle transfer process and documentation.

Buy directly from individuals selling them online:

If you are not happy with the used bike dealer and are still wondering where to buy a second hand bike, you can check online. Today, there is an entire online market-place from where you can purchase everything – including used vehicles. Websites like Droom, Quickr and OLX allow people to register their vehicles on their websites. You could directly get in touch with the owner of the vehicle on these websites and start the purchase process based on your budget. You can also negotiate the price with the owner directly. Remember not to transfer any money or hand over a cheque before you have inspected the vehicle thoroughly.

How to buy second hand bike in India: important factors to consider

Inspect the bike

Visual inspection is a very crucial factor when you are purchasing a used bike. Ensure you meet with the seller during the day when there is ample natural light to help you minutely inspect all its elements. It is always recommended that you take a friend along with you, especially if you know a bike enthusiast, to give you a second opinion.

Take the bike for a test-ride

Just because the bike looks like it is in good condition physically, doesn’t mean that the ride will also be smooth. You need to check various aspects of the bike such as

  • The clutch and brakes
    Ensure that the clutch and brake operate smoothly and also see if there is any pulsing. Pulsing is not a good indicator of the brakes’ condition.
  • Oil leakage
    Check if there is any leakage or spillage of oil around the bike’s engine. If the owner has recently washed the bike, you will notice that portion with spillage shining more than usual as compared to other parts in that area. Also enquire when the bike was last serviced.
  • Corrosion
    While surface rust is common among bikes you should check for corrosion in bike frames. If you see deep corrosion with crumbling iron flake, you are looking at a bike that isn’t well-maintained.
  • Chassis
    Thoroughly inspect the chassis for any visible scratch marks. If you see fresh paint on the chassis, it is an indicator that the bike had been in an accident.Now that you know what to look for when buying a second hand bike, ensure you keep these points in mind when you set out to make the purchase.

Final word:

The How to Buy Second hand Bike in India cannot be understated but it is crucial that you understand the basic difference between the special and general insurance policies. You would be paying smaller amount premiums in the case of general insurance policies whereas premiums for specific insurances policies are separate and could be on the higher side. However, you should note that the general insurance policy may also offer lesser coverage as opposed to a special one.

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