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Miscellaneous Insurance

Our Miscellaneous Insurance Policies

All Risks Insurance Policy Image

All Risks Insurance Policy

If any accident should occur, causing you to lose your items or to damage them, the all risk insurance policy allows you to replace or repair them as soon as possible.

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Signage Insurance Policy Image

Signage Insurance Policy

A number of occurrences (riots, theft, natural disasters) can destroy the signage of your business. With this policy in place, you can get your signage covered and get hassle-free repairs or replacement done.

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Baggage Insurance Policy Image

Baggage Insurance Policy

The baggage insurance policy really comes in handy during travel, compensating you if you lose your baggage or if it gets damaged during your travels.

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy Image

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy

The fidelity guarantee insurance policy is put in place to protect a company from fraud that may be perpetuated by an employee or against the financial loss caused in such a situation.

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Burglary Insurance Policy Image

Burglary Insurance Policy

No matter how safe your home or workplace may be, these are always at risk of burglaries. With Liberty General Insurance Burglary Insurance policy in place, you can repair damages or replenish losses caused to your home or office, due to a burglary.

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Money Insurance Policy Image

Money Insurance Policy

Liberty General Insurance Money Insurance policy safeguards the hard cash required by companies for day to day running, and provides coverage in case of emergencies like robberies.

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Plate Glass Insurance Policy Image

Plate Glass Insurance Policy

Plate glass provides a functional and aesthetic appeal, but is a rather breakable asset. The Plate Glass Insurance policy offered by Liberty General Insurance helps make repairs or replacement of plate glass installations against the risks it faces.

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Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance

Just because some or the other asset or installation in your premises does not come under the transitional insurance umbrella, it does not mean that it cannot be or should not be insured.

Liberty General Insurance provides a number of products under Miscellaneous Insurance that can cover the insurance of interests, liability, and property that is not generally covered under general insurance categories, to make it convenient for the customers.

Health Connect Supra Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

​What are the events and losses not covered under this policy?​​

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The insurance policy provides cover for the following:

  • Accidental damage to the vehicle
  • Liability for third party injury or death, and damage caused to their property
  • By paying an additional premium, you can opt for extra covers in case of
    • Loss or damage to electrical and non-electrical accessories
    • Personal accident cover for the insured and any named or unnamed passenger(s)
    • Legal liability to persons employed (paid drivers/cleaners)
    • Legal liability to employees of the insured (other than paid drivers /cleaners)​​

​What are the events and losses not covered under this policy?​​

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Some of the major exclusions under the insurance policy are:

  • Consequential loss
  • Depreciation, wear and tear
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown, failure or breakage
  • When the vehicle is used outside the geographical area
  • When used contrary to limitations as to use
  • When driven by person other than the driver stated in the driver’s clause
  • War perils, nuclear perils and drunken driving​

​What is third party liability insurance? Is it covered in this policy?​​

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Third party liability insurance covers losses to a third person who is not a party to the insurance contract. The motor third party insurance covers the following losses:

  • Any permanent injury/death to a person caused by your insured vehicle
  • Any damage caused to the property (excluding vehicle) of some other individual by your insured vehicle

Liability is covered for an unlimited amount in respect to death. Any damage to third party property is covered up to Rs. 1 lakh in case of two-wheeler.​​

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