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Easy Two-Wheeler Maintenance Tips and Tricks you should be aware of

June 03,2019

A two-wheeler is a handy vehicle to own. It is not very heavy on the pocket, allows you to zip around town very easily and also offers great mileage and fuel efficiency. If maintained well, you can use your two-wheeler for a minimum of a decade without incurring any huge expenses.

What is IDV & why is it important in two-wheeler insurance?

June 03,2019

Multiple factors need to be looked into when choosing a suitable insurance policy for your two-wheeler, whether at the time of purchase or during subsequent renewals. One of those is IDV.DV, which stands for Insured Declared Value, is nothing but the current market value of your two-wheeler.

What is NCB and why is it important for your Two-Wheeler Insurance?

June 03,2019

Motor Insurance is a must both from the view point of law in terms of third-party Coverage and to protect against Own Damage losses to the vehicle. One cannot simply overlook the importance of two wheeler insurance at any point in time. So, while we consider insurance to be indispensable, we need to keenly look into the finer aspects too, one of which is NCB.

Third party two wheeler insurance – what it is & why it is essential

June 03,2019

A two-wheeler is one of the best types of vehicles one can own. It costs a few thousands, easily fits into budgets and can be purchased by taking out an instant loan. It also offers great fuel economy. Moreover, the compact size of the vehicle makes it easy for one to navigate through the traffic despite rushed traffic hours.

Two-Wheeler Insurance And Its Types

June 03,2019

Two-wheeler insurance in India is governed by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Insurance Companies and the policies issued by them are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Two-wheeler insurance is motor insurance which is categorized under General Insurance.

What is zero depreciation cover for two-wheeler Insurance?

June 03,2019

Two-wheelers, like all other consumables, are prone to wear and tear and depreciate in utility over some time. While this is inevitable, a Zero depreciation cover can come in handy, with reassuring feeling without losing sleep over factoring in of deprecation.

How to Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

June 03,2019

Even as an experienced rider, you are at a greater risk of a road accident when on a two-wheeler. At the same time, with the fast moving traffic around, driving a car now requires greater attentiveness than ever, and has its own set of risks.....

What is Health Insurance?

June 03,2019

Usually, the first thought that pops up in your mind when you enter a hospital is how much lighter your wallet will be when you leave. In a world of advanced technologies, the field of medicine is one of the frontrunners, and with technology comes cost. It is not uncommon for a routine check-up bill to run into the thousands..

Types of health insurance

June 03,2019

When you choose a health insurance policy, your medical expenses will be taken care of by your policy provider and in return, you are required to pay an annual fee, called ‘premium’ which can also be paid in monthly instalments. Depending on which policy you opt for and who provides it, health insurance protects your...

Key Health Insurance Benefits

June 03,2019

Just to give you a perspective about the growing need of health insurance coverage in India, according to the report by WHO, 68% of Indian health expenses are Out Of the Pocket (OOP), which is alarming. Also, only 18% of urban and 14% of rural population in India is covered under health insurance.

Everything You Need to Know About Health insurance

June 03,2019

An insurance policy which covers the medical and surgical expenses of the insured is called a health insurance policy. People usually use the terms Mediclaim and health insurance policy interchangeably. However, while a Mediclaim policy is limited to hospitalisation charges alone, a health insurance policy is more comprehensive.

What are the benefits of having health insurance?

June 03,2019

The cost of healthcare is consistently increasing in the country. With the rising instances of diseases and accidents, the demand for health insurance has shown significant growth. A health insurance plan can provide you with financial security in times of a medical emergency.

6 Health Insurance Tax Benefits You Need to Know

June 03,2019

It is often said that ‘Health is Wealth’ and therefore, it’s essential to care for you and your family’s health. With rising costs of hospitalisation and medical treatment, having a health insurance/medical policy is important. It not only ensures, you don’t go bankrupt after an illness, but also provides sufficient coverage.

Health Insurance Jargons

June 03,2019

Decoding the terminology in Health Insurance for a healthy life..

Individual vs Family Health Insurance Plans

June 03,2019

When you choose a health insurance policy, your medical expenses will be taken care of by your policy provider and in return, you are required to pay an annual fee, called ‘premium’ which can also be paid in monthly instalments.Depending on which policy you opt for and who provides it, health insurance protects...

Here's Why You Need to Start Early With Health Insurance

June 03,2019

When you are young and healthy, it is common for people to believe that they are fine and won't require any medical attention, at least not in the near future. But, times are changing and so is your lifestyle. So, you need to be cognizant about the fact that your health can be at risk!....

How do You Choose Your Health Insurance?

June 03,2019

By now, most of us know that health insurance provides coverage against expenditure caused by a medical emergency. With rising medical care costs and numerous lifestyle diseases, not having an adequate health insurance cover can lead to major financial repercussions in case of a medical emergency.....

What is Personal Accident Insurance

May 30,2019

By definition, an accident is something which no one can ever see coming. It brings with it a lot of stress and duress – financial and emotional. Depending upon the severity of the accident, one could be partially or completely disabled.

Visitor Insurance for Parents

May 29,2019

The United States of America is a country that many people wish to visit. It is also one of the most favoured countries for further education. Most Indian who go to USA to study, often end up seeking employment there and building a life over there.

No Objection Certificate – What it is, how to apply and documents required

May 29,2019

Most bike owners believe that they can ride their bike anywhere in the country. This could be attributed to the fact that their driving license says that they are permitted to drive all over the country. But just because you can drive in all states and union territories on that document, it does not mean...

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