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Commercial Vehicle Package Policy

Features and Benefits

  • Requirements


    Growing organizations, in order to achieve sustainable business expansion, require some basic functional aids. One of such aid is a set of vehicles that would allow transportation of goods and materials from one end to another to keep the functions going. While managing a complete fleet of vehicles can be an arduous task in itself, there are bigger risks like accidents and damages involved as well.

    Most businesses today use a large number of vehicles which are an important asset to the organization. Therefore, it is imperative to keep them insured at all times. An apt insurance cover can help the business avoid unexpected expenditures that might incur from any loss/damage to the vehicles.

    The Commercial Vehicle Package Policy by Liberty General Insurance is one such insurance that can keep your vehicles covered and your business going. The all-inclusive commercial auto insurance provides more than just a comprehensive cover for your vehicles; it delivers a host of benefits to ensure that you enjoy complete peace of mind as far as your business???s fleet of vehicles is concerned.

  • Benefits


    Prevention is always better that cure and this also stands true for a company???s assets. And since vehicles are important for a business???s uninterrupted functioning, situations like accidents or even damages due to natural calamities can hinder the functions of your business. Therefore, it is prudent to keep insurance covers as backups for your business in case of any unforeseen circumstances disrupt day-to-day functioning.

    Liberty General Insurancecommercial vehicle insurance is a complete insurance cover to protect corporate fleets and provide the following benefits:

    1. Cover against losses or damage caused as a result of unfortunate incidents like accidents
    2. Protection for various types of vehicles, of different ranges and sizes
    3. Assurance that the functioning of a business will be least affected in such unfortunate situations

    Therefore, no matter the size of their operations, if an organization owns a few business vehicles like trucks, they ought to have a Corporate Fleet Insurance policy covering truck insurance to safeguard their vehicles, so that no situation can interrupt their work and profits.

  • Premium


    The amount of premium that one has to pay for the Commercial Vehicle Package Policy varies depending on the type of vehicle insured, its age, and the amount of Insured Declared Value (IDV).

Commercial Vehicle Package Policy

Commercial Vehicle Package Policy

To keep your business running smooth, it is imperative to have your vehicles in good running condition. Any accidental damage or loss due to theft may result in a huge financial loss, which may further affect the functioning of your business. Well, there???s no need to worry about it when you have Liberty General Insurance commercial vehicle insurance on board.

Our commercial vehicle package policy protects your business from financial losses which may occur due to any accidental damage to your vehicle, or legal liability towards a third party or property damage on account of any accident involving your commercial vehicle(s).

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The Client has highly appreciated the inputs and report from Mr. Sudhanshu.
Its because of him we were able to convince the client to move to Liberty along with local sales support.

Rohit Kapoor
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We find the report is very exhaustive in bringing out the risk exposures and the works the client has to carry out for risk elimination. Surely the client will be benefited by the suggestions you have put forth.


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