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Travel insurance policies for senior citizen parents ??? what is covered in the policy?

28 May 2019

Car Insurance Article

One of the greatest joys of life is giving back to our parents for all the wonderful things they???ve done for us over the years. Parents spend their entire lives putting their children before themselves and a great way to thank them for their unconditional love is to send them on a vacation. When you purchase this trip for your parents, you should also invest in a good travel insurance plan that protects them when they are travelling to a new, unknown place. Investing in a travel insurance policy for senior citizen parents can help them face any unforeseen circumstances arising during the trip. Before we find out what the best travel insurance for parents covers, let???s understand the definition of senior citizen policies.

What is a senior citizen travel insurance policy?

A senior citizen travel insurance policy is a special type of travel insurance plan that especially caters to the needs of older travellers. Such insurance plans typically cover individuals over the age of 71 years up to the age of 99 years and beyond. Some insurance providers also allow individuals over the age of 65 to purchase these policies. The age limit of senior citizen travel policies differ from lender to lender. Such policies offer coverage against a host of travel related issues, keeping the elderly in mind. Whether your parents are travelling within India or abroad; you need to ensure they invest in the best visitor insurance for parents. Such policies generally offer the below mentioned covers.

Coverage against medical emergencies:

Medical issues are a prerequisite of old age. If a medical issue crops up while your parents are travelling, especially internationally, they may need immediate hospitalization. Senior citizen travel insurance policies help your parents seek immediate medical treatment, including hospitalization without having to worry about the cost of treatment.

Coverage against pre-existing illnesses:

A good visitor medical insurance for parents also offers coverage against pre-existing illnesses, which are common among senior citizens. Your parents are protected against costs of medical treatments arising due to pre-existing conditions that they are suffering from before going on the trip.

Dental treatment:

Dental decay is also common among senior citizens. If senior citizens need any urgent dental treatment while they are on a vacation, they can get reimbursed for the same under the senior citizen travel insurance policy. This includes the costs incurred for visiting a dentist, tooth extraction or other dental emergencies. However, this cover is typically provided as an add-on rider by insurance providers.

Loss of luggage:

If your parents lose their luggage on a trip, they may end up stranded without their travel essentials including clothes and shoes. This can be quite problematic and your parents may have to spend additionally on purchasing essentials until their baggage is retrieved by the airline. But if they have a senior citizen travel insurance policy, they can receive a compensation from which they can purchase the necessities.

Loss of travel documents:

The best travel insurance for parents is one that offers protection against loss of important travel documents including passport (and visa), ID cards, hotel and flight reservation documents and so on. If these documents are lost or stolen, the insurance provider can come to the rescue of your parents and provide duplicate documents so that they can continue their trip without any hassles.

Apart from these above mentioned scenarios, the best travel insurance for parents also offers protection against flight delays and cancellations. Coverage is also provided against interruption due to personal matters in which one may need to cut-short or cancel the trip altogether.

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