5 servicing tips for your two-wheeler

22 May 2019

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Any vehicle, whether it is a bike or a car, is a long-term investment. But like all machines, when vehicles begin to age, they do not provide optimum fuel efficiency as they did in the first few years. Also, the parts begin to slow down, which also affects the speed of the vehicle. This is especially true of scooter and bikes as they are smaller vehicles and exposed to more wear and tear. But all this can be avoided if you maintain and service your bike regularly, and as recommended by your service provider. Also, there are a few things you can do on your own, at home. Here are a few bike servicing tips to help you.

Inspect the tyres regularly:

There are two parts of your bike that endure more wear and tear than any other – the engine and the tyres. It is incredibly important to check the tyres of the two-wheeler regularly. You must thoroughly examine the air pressure in the tyres. Ensure that the tyre air pressure is maintained at levels recommended by the bike manufacturer. You can find these details in the guide provided on purchasing the bike. Also, look for scrapes or cuts, possibilities of punctures and unpredictable blowouts. Tyres should be checked at least once a week.

Check the engine oil:

One of the most important bike servicing tips to keep in mind is that the bikes engine should also be checked. It is the engine oil that enables the smooth operation of the bike. You must ensure that the proper engine levels are maintained and also inspect if there are any leakages. The carbon deposits present in the oil can cause it to thicken and even affect the bike’s engine. Running the bike on dirty engine oil also increases fuel consumption and reduces the life of the engine drastically.

Adjust the clutch as needed:

You can change gears by adjusting the clutch. It helps to increase or decrease the speed at which the bike is operated. The clutch should be adjusted in a way that you can operate it freely. Over tightening the clutch can cause your vehicle to slip and even increase the consumption of fuel. It is therefore important to ensure that the clutch adjustment is always in the right place.

Inspect the engine:

Your bike servicing guide lays special impetus on the inspection of the engine; after all, the engine is the heart of the bike. Your bike can run smoothly only if the engine is properly maintained and serviced. It also increases fuel efficiency and reduces the money you spend on petrol. You should also clean the carburettor regularly. The carburettor float chamber should be inspected and cleaned for every 1500 kilometres of usage. Also ensure you check and clean the spark-plug. Replacing the spark-plug is important as it is linked to proper engine combustion. It should be cleaned after every 750 kilometres of usage.

Check the brakes:

Bikes brakes, like the clutch and engine, also endure maximum wear and tear. Ensure that you keep both brakes holding the tyre and spacing them properly. It is very dangerous if you tighten your brakes too much as it is if the brakes are too loose. Brakes should only be adjusted to suit your personal requirement and riding style. If you hear a screeching sound you need to replace the front brake pads, since this could be caused owing to lack of oil.

Final Word:

If you still have the question what is done in bike servicing, you can always refer to the bike servicing guide provided by your dealer when you purchase the bike. Apart from these above mentioned tips, bike servicing also includes battery maintenance, checking fork oil after every 12,000 kilometres of usage, checking sprockets after every 40,000 kilometres of usage and replacing them if necessary. Also, clean the bike’s surface, check the transmission system and clean the air filters regularly to ensure your bike is always in good health.

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