Easy Two-Wheeler Maintenance Tips and Tricks you should be aware of

03 June 2019

Two Wheeler Insurance Article

A two-wheeler is a handy vehicle to own. It is not very heavy on the pocket, allows you to zip around town very easily and also offers great mileage and fuel efficiency. If maintained well, you can use your two-wheeler for a minimum of a decade without incurring any huge expenses. Proper maintenance of your bike for years on end can help you fully benefit from the price paid when you first purchase the vehicle. What’s more, you can maintain the bike easily without having to send it to the service facility all the time. That said, you should get your bike serviced at least thrice a year. Let’s find out some easy two wheeler maintenance tips, tricks and techniques that all bike owners should be aware of.

You must check the tires regularly: Checking the tyres of your bike is very essential. You must thoroughly examine the condition of the tyres and check if the air pressure is as specified in your bike maintenance guide provided at the time of purchase. This guide provides details about the tyre pressure that needs to be maintained as per the size and type of your two-wheeler. Also, ensure you check tyres for cuts and scrapes that can cause tyre punctures or blowouts. For proper bike maintenance, you must check the tyres at least once a week. You can purchase tyre checking devices on online shopping websites like Snapdeal Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

You must check the engine oil: This is another of the many essential bike maintenance tips. Your bike runs smoothly due to the engine oil present in it. It is important to check the engine oil levels regularly and to maintain it at the correct levels at all times. You should also get the engine oil changed every time you take your two-wheeler to the service facility, which should be a minimum of three times a year. Also, you must keep an eye on possible oil leakages. Engine oil thickens with usage owing to the presence of carbon deposits, which ultimately affects the bike’s engine and slows it down. Also, running a bike on dirty oil increases fuel consumption and reduces engine life drastically.

You should clean the air filters: Cleaning air filters is an integral new bike maintenance tip. One cannot deny the fact that pollution is a rather huge issue in India. The polluted air and the dusty driving conditions can clog up the bike’s filter quickly. As such, you must ensure you keep the air filters clean. You should change air filters at regular intervals. This practice should especially be followed by people living in densely populated cities with sub-par driving conditions.

You should adjust the clutch regularly: The clutch is that part of the bike that can help you change gears. It is one of the most used parts of the vehicle that helps you adjust your riding speed according to traffic conditions. Ensure the clutch is adjusted just right at all times. An overly tightened clutch could cause the rider to slip. It also consumes a lot of fuel and affects the efficiency of the bike. Riding with a tightened clutch on roads with water or oil spillage can result in a major accident so the clutch should be checked and adjusted regularly.

You should check your bike’s brakes regularly: The list of two-wheeler maintenance tips cannot be completed without a mention of the brakes. It is important to keep both brakes holding the bike tyres spaced properly. Whether the brakes are too tight or too loose; both cases can prove to be very dangerous. Brakes should be tightened based on your own personal requirements and style. If you hear a screeching sound from the brakes, you should immediately replace the brake pads. The screeching sound could also signal a lack of oil which means you should get the brakes fixed.

Since you would be spending some amount towards maintenance, add some additional money for the bike Insurance policy . They will protect your bike from all the humanmade and natural calamities.

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