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5 Smart Tips To Improve Bike Fuel Efficiency

Dec 01,2021

A bike is one of the most popular vehicles for good reason. It is affordable and can zip easily through traffic. While your bike guzzles lesser fuel than a car, you may notice that your two-wheeler’s mileage has gone down. If that is the problem you are facing right now, don’t worry.

All You Need to Know About Transferring Bike Insurance

Nov 10,2021

Bikes are an extremely affordable and convenient means of transportation. They are usually cheaper than cars and help zip through traffic with ease. As a result of their utility, bikes that have been maintained well usually have a high resale value. Now, you are probably aware that you need to transfer

Understanding How Depreciation Can Affect Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

Nov 10,2021

Every commodity goes through value depreciation with time and use. The same holds true for your bike. The market price of your two wheeler decreases as it gets old and suffers from wear and tear.

How to Find the Expiry Date of Your Bike Insurance Policy Online?

Sep 24,2021

Paying heed to the safety and security of all on the road, the Regional Transport Authority in India mandates all two-wheelers to have an insurance policy before it leaves the showroom. Irrespective of the duration of the policy you choose, you must ensure you renew your vehicle insurance policies on time

Difference Between Fuel Injection and Carburettor in Bikes

Sep 24,2021

Fuel injection in bikes is replacing carburetted ones in the market today. Almost all premium bikes come with a fuel injection system. Since the decision to buy a motorcycle heavily relies on the type of fuelling system, we present the difference between the two. Knowing the meaning of what is fuel injection in bikes,

Simple Tips To Ride A Bike With Sidecar In India

Sep 24,2021

A sidecar is a one-wheeled carriage attached to the side of a bike, making the vehicle a three-wheeled vehicle. Attaching a sidecar to your motorcycle enables you to accommodate an extra pillion rider or a physically challenged person

Factors that Determine the Cost of Bike Insurance Policy

Sep 24,2021

The increasing number of two-wheelers on Indian roads has contributed to increased traffic on the streets, leading to a greater risk of accidents. To avert these risks, the Indian government has made it mandatory for all vehicle owners to buy insurance

3 Benefits of Comparing Bike Insurance

Sep 24,2021

When you buy a bike, you typically research the various brands, the mileage it offers, and its other essential features. Just as you do your research before purchasing the bike, so should you compare bike insurance policies. Today, you no longer need to visit the offices

Debating On Alloy Wheels Vs Spoke Wheels – Which Is Better For You?

Sep 10,2021

Before the 1970s, spoke wheels were primarily used in the manufacturing of tyres. Alloy wheels came along later, changing the dynamics of the tyre manufacturing industry. The use of alloy wheels resulted from the advancements made in metallurgy and metal forging in the 1970s.

NCB in Two Wheeler Insurance

Feb 20,2019

NCB, which stands for No Claim Bonus, is the bonus you earn for every claimless year of your insurance. In other words, it is the benefit given by the insurance provider for safe driving to make the vehicle claim free for a year.

IDV Calculator for Bike

Feb 18,2019

Multiple factors need to be looked into when choosing a suitable insurance policy for your two-wheeler, whether at the time of purchase or during subsequent renewals. One of those is IDV.

How to renew Two Wheeler Insurance after expiry

Feb 17,2019

India has seen a rapid rise in two-wheeler ownership. And that has also increased the incidence of accidents involving two-wheelers. So, for your peace of mind and to protect you financially, you must get a good two-wheeler insurance for your bike or scooter. What's more, third-party insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Importance of Bike RC

Feb 19,2019

You have just purchased your dream two-wheeler. It's sleek and it's the vehicle of your dreams. You can't wait to zoom through the streets to see how it runs. However, before you start the engine, you need to ensure that you have your bike RC book in place. The RC – or the registration card – is the official document that ensures your bike has been registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Bike Insurance Benefits

June 03,2019

As the number of vehicles on roads increases, accidents, and related unfortunate incidents. It is not compulsory that accidents have to happen due to your negligence;it can be due to the other party’s negligence. Apart from the injuries, damages to the vehicle and associated stress, it also takes a toll on your finances.

Comprehensive vs Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance

June 03,2019

Two-wheeler insurance is a motor insurance which is categorized under General Insurance. Two-wheeler insurance policies are broadly classified into two types viz., (i) Comprehensive Policy coverage, also known as Comprehensive Package Policy and (ii) Third Party Liability Insurance policy coverage.

GST on two wheelers

June 03,2019

The two-wheeler Automobile segment is broadly classifiable under two segments, viz., those of Engine Capacity of less than 350cc and those of above 350 cc. While the segment above 350cc is generally perceived as Luxury bikes segment, the segment below 350 cc is generally perceived as Luxury bikes segment, the segment below 350 cc (particularly those of less than 120 cc) cater for the basic mobility to the masses in India.

Bike Traffic Rules

June 03,2019

The joy of riding a bike is priceless. If you want to keep it that way, it is important that you follow the rules laid out by the government. Indian roads witness approximately 400 deaths every day in to road accidents.About 5 lakh road accidents take place where in around 1.5 lakh people die and another 3 lakh get injured.

How to Renew Your Two-Wheeler Insurance after expiry?

June 03,2019

In 2018, around two crore two-wheelers were sold across the country. This number highlights how well the two-wheeler industry has done in India. The rise in two-wheeler purchases also means that two-wheeler insurance is mandatory, as per the Motor Vehicle Act.

Easy Two-Wheeler Maintenance Tips and Tricks you should be aware of

June 03,2019

A two-wheeler is a handy vehicle to own. It is not very heavy on the pocket, allows you to zip around town very easily and also offers great mileage and fuel efficiency. If maintained well, you can use your two-wheeler for a minimum of a decade without incurring any huge expenses.

What is IDV & why is it important in two-wheeler insurance?

June 03,2019

Multiple factors need to be looked into when choosing a suitable insurance policy for your two-wheeler, whether at the time of purchase or during subsequent renewals. One of those is IDV.DV, which stands for Insured Declared Value, is nothing but the current market value of your two-wheeler.

What is NCB and why is it important for your Two-Wheeler Insurance?

June 03,2019

Motor Insurance is a must both from the view point of law in terms of third-party Coverage and to protect against Own Damage losses to the vehicle. One cannot simply overlook the importance of two wheeler insurance at any point in time. So, while we consider insurance to be indispensable, we need to keenly look into the finer aspects too, one of which is NCB.

Third party two wheeler insurance – what it is & why it is essential

June 03,2019

A two-wheeler is one of the best types of vehicles one can own. It costs a few thousands, easily fits into budgets and can be purchased by taking out an instant loan. It also offers great fuel economy. Moreover, the compact size of the vehicle makes it easy for one to navigate through the traffic despite rushed traffic hours.

Two-Wheeler Insurance And Its Types

June 03,2019

Two-wheeler insurance in India is governed by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Insurance Companies and the policies issued by them are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Two-wheeler insurance is motor insurance which is categorized under General Insurance.

What is zero depreciation cover for two-wheeler Insurance?

June 03,2019

Two-wheelers, like all other consumables, are prone to wear and tear and depreciate in utility over some time. While this is inevitable, a Zero depreciation cover can come in handy, with reassuring feeling without losing sleep over factoring in of deprecation.

How to Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

June 03,2019

Even as an experienced rider, you are at a greater risk of a road accident when on a two-wheeler. At the same time, with the fast moving traffic around, driving a car now requires greater attentiveness than ever, and has its own set of risks.....

No Objection Certificate – What it is, how to apply and documents required

May 29,2019

Most bike owners believe that they can ride their bike anywhere in the country. This could be attributed to the fact that their driving license says that they are permitted to drive all over the country. But just because you can drive in all states and union territories on that document, it does not mean...

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