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Are your parents visiting USA? Here???s why they need travel insurance

29 May 2019

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The United States of America is a country that many people wish to visit. It is also one of the most favoured countries for further education. Most Indian who go to USA to study, often end up seeking employment there and building a life over there. They also call their parents to visit them. Whether your parents are travelling to USA for leisure or to visit you; you need to ensure they have adequate travel insurance especially, visitor insurance for parents visiting USA. Here are 5 excellent ways in which this policy can come in handy.

It covers your parents against urgent medical expenses:

The cost of medical expenses in USA is said to be the highest. If your parents are older, there is a great chance that they may begin to contract health issues. Indian parents, who have savings in Indian rupees, can incur huge losses on their life-long savings on a single trip to the hospital. Moreover, many hospitals in USA do not provide treatment unless one has a valid insurance policy. As such, a visitor medical insurance for parents visiting USA is a must. Your parents can seek treatment against a wide range of ailments under this travel insurance policy.

Coverage against pre-existing conditions:

Travel insurance policies for USA also double as health insurance policies in which your parents can seek treatment for pre-existing conditions. The policy also offers coverage against sudden relapse of various health conditions. Most US travel insurance policies also provide coverage against dental treatment including visits to the dentist, urgent tooth extraction etc.

Delay or loss of baggage in transit:

Other than flights from some major cities, people travelling to USA are required to change flights or transit between airports to reach the country. In such cases, there???s a chance that your parents may lose their luggage and be stranded in a foreign country without their essentials. This can be especially stressful if they are on a fixed schedule and intend to cover various cities in USA. The best travel insurance for parents visiting USA is a policy that provides coverage against this loss of luggage. The insurance company provides your parents with a pre-determined sum assured as compensation for the delay or loss of luggage in transit. This prevents your parents from spending extra on buying essentials required for their US trip.

Loss of essential documents:

Your US visa is attested into your passport. In most places, you are required to show your passport as an identity proof document in USA. Should you lose your passport, you would end up losing the attested visa too and find yourself in serious trouble. The best travel insurance for Indian parents visiting USA allows your parents to apply for a duplicate passport. The insurance provider also helps your parents get a temporary visa so that they can complete their trip without any hassles.

Repatriation of mortal remains:

In the unfortunate circumstances of the death of one???s parents while visiting USA, the travel insurance policy also pays for the costs of transporting the mortal remains of the deceased to their home country. This could be due to an accident, flight crash or even an illness contracted on the trip. The insurance company bears the expenses of repatriating the mortal remains of the deceased to his/her home land, where the last rites can be completed.

So, if your senior citizen parents are planning to travel to USA, ensure they get the best visitor insurance for parents visiting USA. You can research online and choose from a wide range of insurance providers.

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