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Accident Cover for Two Wheeler Insurance

May 22,2019

Riding a bike is an exciting, exhilarating experience. It is one of the most preferred modes of private transportation in India. While a bike allows you to zip around town conveniently, it also comes with its own share of risks, with bike accidents increasing at an alarming rate. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988...

5 servicing tips for your two-wheeler

May 22,2019

Any vehicle, whether it is a bike or a car, is a long-term investment. But like all machines, when vehicles begin to age, they do not provide optimum fuel efficiency as they did in the first few years. Also, the parts begin to slow down, which also affects the speed of the vehicle. This is especially true of...

Everything you should know about buying a second hand bike

May 09,2019

If there is one mode of transportation that is economical as well as perfect for navigating through the crowded city streets, it is a bike. This compact vehicle is often light on the pocket, provides great mileage and easy to use....

Bike theft and insurance – step by step guide to filing a claim

May 05,2019

A bike or a scooter is one of the most convenient means of transportation. It is pocket-friendly, allows you to navigate through the traffic and can also be parked rather easily. The last point i.e. its convenient parking somehow also makes it susceptible to thefts. Yes, bike thefts are, unfortunately, very common....

Buying a two wheeler – know all the documents required

April 10,2019

Buying anything new is always a just cause for celebration; especially when it is something exciting like a car, a bike or a home. With the congested traffic conditions in big cities, a bike often proves to be a great investment. Bikes are compact in size, can zip through traffic easily and can be parked in tiny spaces. It is no wonder that more and more people today....

Simple tips and tricks for riding your motorcycle safely

April 09,2019

A bike is not just a vehicle that can take you from point A to B; it is also a vehicle that is a source of joy and freedom for most people. Riding a bike can be a lot of fun, but it is also considered one of the riskiest vehicles, causing hundreds of accidents every day. Whether you are riding a scooter...

A guidebook on the different types of motor cycles one can buy in India

April 05,2019

The motor cycle market in India has become rather hot in the last two decades or so. More and more bikers are taking to the roads. Motor cycles especially prove to be the lifeline of smaller Indian cities, which do not have adequate public transportation facilities. Besides, buyers can choose from a wide variety of two wheelers depending upon their budget and requirement...

Your Mini Guide for Two-Wheeler Insurance

April 05,2019

The name itself describes that this insurance policy provides coverage against the financial liability that one may incur in case of any damage, or theft, or third party damage that is caused by your vehicle. A proper insurance policy for your bikes and two-wheeler can help....

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Two-Wheeler Insurance

April 03,2019

Indian roads are unsafe, and the increasing number of vehicles and traffic congestion make roads even more prone to accidents and fatalities. In that context, two wheelers are more prone to accidents and fatalities, and account for 25% of total road accident deaths in India......

Difference between Multi Year & Single Year Two-wheeler Insurance

April 03,2019

Chances are that you are among a large number of people who forget to renew their vehicle insurance. Well, there is good news for you. Liberty General Insurance now offers long term two wheeler insurance. Such a long-term 2 wheeler insurance frees you from the headache of renewing the policy every year......

How to Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

March 19,2018
Online 2 Wheeler Insurance

Even as an experienced rider, you are at a greater risk of a road accident when on a two-wheeler. At the same time, with the fast moving traffic around, driving a car now requires greater attentiveness than ever, and has its own set of risks.....

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Difference between Multi Year & Single Year Two-wheeler Insurance

Chances are that you are among a large number of people who forget to renew their vehicle insurance ....

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