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Simple Tips To Ride A Bike With Sidecar In India

24 Sep 2021

Two Wheeler Insurance Article

A sidecar is a one-wheeled carriage attached to the side of a bike, making the vehicle a three-wheeled vehicle. Attaching a sidecar to your motorcycle enables you to accommodate an extra pillion rider or a physically challenged person. The sidecar also helps carry excess luggage.

Adding a sidecar to your bike changes your bike's entire dynamics, and riding it safely requires a good set of skills. Here are some tips to learn how to ride bike with a sidecar in India.

  • Use the motorcycle brakes properly

    The right-hand lever of the bike with the sidecar is the front brake, and a right foot lever can operate the back brake. If your bike with sidecar has the regular two brakes, you can use both to stop the vehicle. In case of an emergency, use the front brake as it is the more powerful of the two.
  • Try to ride in a straight line

    One of the most obvious tips to ride bikes with sidecar is to ride the vehicle in a straight line. It is difficult to steer a bike with sidecar in a straight line as the vehicle has three wheels on different planes. Ensure to have a solid or firm grip on the handlebar to make it possible to move in a straight line.
  • Use the throttle to steer the motorcycle correctly

    When a bike with a sidecar is mounted on the right, you need to adjust the throttle differently depending on which side you want to turn. If you turn to your left, you will need to close the throttle, making the rear wheel spin slower than the sidecar, thus helping you manoeuvre the turn better. While turning to your right, ensure to open the throttle and turn.
  • Practice regularly

    Riding a bike with sidecar in India can be quite a challenge, especially in the metropolitan and urban areas, primarily due to the traffic in these cities. Before riding on main roads, you must get adequate practice and learn how to handle such a bike. You could ride the bike with an empty sidecar and then load it and keep practising under different traffic and weather conditions to get the hang of it.

Final note:Riding a bike with sidecar takes good practice. It takes some time to judge the distance between vehicles and can be challenging, especially while taking sharp turns on the road. So before carrying passengers, you should ride alone and brush up on your skills. Make sure that you and your co-passenger wear the proper riding gear at all times while on the road. Also, ensure you buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy that covers you, your pillion and sidecar riders from any accidents or other roadside incidents. As a rule, if you choose to ride a bike with a sidecar in India, you must inform your insurance providers about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to ride a bike with a sidecar?

Riding a bike with a sidecar is highly safe, provided you understand the dynamics of the vehicle. Manoeuvring a sidecar may be tricky. However, with practice, you can learn to ride the bike with a sidecar comfortably.

What is the significance of a throttle in a sidecar?

The throttle of a bike with a sidecar needs to be rightly used to avoid any imbalance. Using a throttle, one can control the speed of the main wheels of the motorcycle differently from the wheels of the sidecar. Proper modulation of the throttle is necessary for the correct process of taking turns.

Do you need to buy a separate insurance plan for the sidecar?

No, a regular insurance plan takes care of the bike as well as the sidecar. However, while buying an insurance policy, you must inform the insurance company that the motorcycle is fitted with a sidecar.

Disclaimer: For more details on risk factors, terms & conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. *The discount amount will vary subject to vehicle specification and place of registration.

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