Simple tips and tricks for riding your motorcycle safely

09 Apr 2019

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A bike is not just a vehicle that can take you from point A to B; it is also a vehicle that is a source of joy and freedom for most people. Riding a bike can be a lot of fun, but it is also considered one of the riskiest vehicles, causing hundreds of accidents every day. Whether you are riding a scooter, a standard bike or a sports bike, it is important to remember that motor cycles are small-sized vehicles, which make them more prone to accidents and mishaps. This is why it is important to exercise caution while riding these compact sized vehicles. Here are some simple motorcycle riding tips and tricks that can come in handy.

Always wear a full-face helmet:

Wearing a helmet is not just a matter of precaution, it is also mandatory. Most people make the mistake of wearing half-helmets that only cover a part of the skull. What you need is a full-face, ISI marked helmet, to protect your head and your face. It is better to invest in a good quality helmet than to risk one that sacrifices your safety. While most modern helmets are lightweight and comfortable, they do not provide you with adequate safety and can cause severe damage to your head in case of an accident.

Adjust the rear-view mirrors:

The rear-view mirrors exist for a reason and seeing your reflection in it is not it. A basic motorcycle riding tip to remember is that the rear view mirrors of your bike can prove to be lifesavers. You need to adjust these mirrors in such a way that you can see the traffic behind you. This also helps you calculate the distance between your bike and the vehicles behind you.

Keep a safe distance between vehicles:

Since a bike is a compact vehicle, most people make the mistake of assuming that they can get between vehicles, particularly large sized vehicles to beat the traffic. However, you need to remember that driving without keeping a safe distance or making turns without giving the correct left or right indicators often results in accidents. This is an especially integral motorcycle highway riding tip.

Keep an eye on the road:

Although this does not sound much like a tip for riding bikes, it cannot be refuted that if you have been riding on the same route for a while, bike riding can become an almost mechanical activity, controlled by your muscle memory. You know exactly where the traffic signals are and where to make the next turn. As a result, you end up not being prepared for what???s coming. Treat every day as if it were your first say of riding a bike and keep your eyes on the road. Don???t let your muscle memory take over.

Keep your brakes covered:

This is perhaps the most important of motorcycle riding tips and tricks. Whether you are riding a scooter or a bike with pedal brakes, you need to react very quickly in traffic. Unfortunately, jaywalking is rather common in India which means people walk around using their hands as signals. The rider therefore cannot afford to waste time fumbling for the brakes, especially when a pedestrian or a vehicle is very close to their vehicle and can result in a crash. Ensure your fingers are always on the brakes so that you can apply them on time.

Stay on the left in slow traffic conditions:

As a general rule, small-sized vehicles should occupy the left side of the road. You can sway to the right side only in order to overtake a vehicle and then assume your place on the left side again. A simple motorcycle riding tip to keep in mind is that bike riders should drive on the left side of the road, especially when the traffic is moving slowly. Staying on the left side provides the escape route you need. It is easier to navigate traffic when you are on the left side of the road than when you are in the centre, or worse, right side, with vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.

Safety is only possible once you get your motorcycle insured. Head to Liberty General Insurance today and do the needful

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