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About Datsun Car Insurance

About Datsun

Owned by Nissan, Datsun’s legacy began in 1911 in Japan. Popular for its affordable series of hatchback cars, Datsun has a significant presence in America, Europe, and Asia. Datsun’s remarkable series includes automatic and manual driving mode cars, and soon will also have an eco-friendlier electric version.

The Datsun brand is known for its durable and attractively designed cars as well as its integrity and trustworthiness. Datsun helps the youth to pursue their dreams, by enabling their social and physical mobility. Datsun truly stands for Dream, Access, Trust.

Datsun first came to India in 2013 and ever since, has been one of the leaders in the affordable car market.

Datsun’s competitive ranges and affordable cars has made it one of the most popular car options in India. While purchasing your Datsun, it is also natural that you will want to get a comprehensive car insurance policy that caters to your individual needs and requirements. With Liberty General Insurance, that option isn’t far away.

Why choose Liberty General Insurance for Datsun?

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91% claim settlement ratio (2018-19)

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Top Datsun

Datsun Go

Datsun Go

The Datsun Go is affordable luxury. With its diamond-cut R14 alloy wheels and uniquely-designed headlamps, Datsun Go stands out in the crowd. Every drive is enjoyable with the seamless control of the infotainment system. The automatic car has adequate safety features that will give you your peace of mind while you drive. There are variants available in Go featuring different engines and car colours.

Datsun Go+

Datsun Go+

A family car for every Indian, the 5- seater Go gets an update with the Go+. There are 2 flexi-seats in addition to the 5 seats so that you don’t have to leave anyone behind. Be it on your way to picnics, work, or grocery store, the Datsun Go+ will take you everywhere safely, courtesy of its safety mechanisms and fuel efficiency.

Datsun Redi Go

Datsun Redi Go

Available in 4 variants, the Redi Go is a flexible choice for the Indian consumer. The Smart Drive Auto Redi Go offers dual driving mode; the Redi Go 1.0L is powered by 1.0L I-SAT engine technology for advanced performance; the Redi-Go 800CC is made to ensure fuel efficiency.

Key Features

Hassle-free inspection & Cashless Claim Services
Hassle-free inspection

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Claim Settlement

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Ease of Endorsement

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Additional Protection Cover

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Cashless Garages

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Types of car insurance

Your efficient Datsun needs an efficient policy. Liberty General Insurance offers three types of car insurance that ensure complete protection for your Datsun.

Own Damage to Car Insurance

Own Damage for Vehicle

An Own Damage policy financially protects your car in case of damage due to accidents, thefts, riots, while in transit, natural disasters and similar incidents. The policy covers any costs of repairs or replacements occurring due to such accidents.

What does own damage to car insurance not cover?
  • Damages to a third party vehicle (If you want coverage for both - own as well as third party damages then buy comprehensive Car insurance)
  • Damage caused to a third-party property
  • Injuries caused to other people in an accident
  • Normal wear-and-tear of the vehicle
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • A vehicle being used other than in accordance with the limitations as to use. For example, if you use your Private car for commercial purposes
  • Damage to/by person driving without a valid driving license
  • Loss or damage caused while riding under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance
  • Consequential loss
Third party Insurance

Third party Insurance

Mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, this policy covers two entities- third party person who sustains any injury, disability or dies due to accident by the insured vehicle; any property that is lost or damaged by the insured vehicle.

Add-on covers

Add-on covers

For a comprehensive car insurance for your Datsun, there are add-ons such as Passenger Assist, Roadside assistance, consumable covers.


What are the documents required to settle a claim?

What is preferable? Only third-party insurance or comprehensive car insurance?

Can I renew my LGI Datsun car insurance online?

What happens to the NCB of my motor car insurance in case I switch my insurer?

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