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Comprehensive Car Insurance

7 July 2019

Car Insurance Article

Comprehensive insurance coverage provides another level of coverage in the event of an accident with another vehicle. It may help pay for damage to your car due to incidents like damage from inclement weather, floods, fire, and theft. It also covers the regular risk factors for the vehicle, driver, passengers, third party vehicle and its driver/passengers. If you have any anti-theft devices in your car, the premium might go down as the risk of theft is less. As the name suggests, this policy is complete coverage for your car.

Comprehensive car insurance comes with a wide range of coverage options, as mentioned above, and it makes sense to cover your car under this kind of policy so that you can rest assured about almost every kind of claim to be taken care of. This is the complete form of insurance policy you can buy for your car. It also provides you protection from damage resulting from accidents, even if the driver is at fault. It should also be mentioned that you can purchase additional riders/ add-ons to increase the areas under which your car is covered. Let us take a look at some of these add-ons.

Roadside assistance – If your car breaks down in the middle of the journey, this cover comes to your help. The insurer will assist you in moving the vehicle to the nearest service centre.

Engine replacement – If the engine of your car gets damaged, you can get it replaced under this add-on cover. Nil depreciation cover ??? This ensures that the car is covered for the invoice value and you receive the maximum compensation in case of a claim.

Suppose your car is already covered under an insurance policy, but excludes any or most of the features as mentioned above, it is recommended that you switch over to a comprehensive insurance cover. It provides you coverage against damage to the car and its accessories from fire, damage due to collision with an animal, damage to third-party, damage due to riots, strikes or vandalism and also damage due to natural disasters like earthquakes and storms.

It should also be understood that no form of insurance policy can guarantee 100% coverage, so there are certain exclusions even in comprehensive insurance type. Some of these are normal wear and tear to the car due to regular usage, damage to tubes and tires, damage caused while the car is being driven by a driver who does not hold a valid licence, damage due to a driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, damage due to nuclear attack or war, etc. Among these, the damage to tubes and tires is covered to a certain extent if the damage is due to an accident.

Finally, the costlier your car, the more sense it makes to go for a comprehensive insurance cover. The components/accessories of a high-end car tend to be proportionately costly, so go for a comprehensive cover to minimise the expenses of maintaining a luxury car.

At Liberty General Insurance, you can avail a car insurance today.

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