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Handy Car Maintenance Tips that you should be aware of

03 June 2019

Car Insurance Article

Car maintenance tips that you should be aware of

Let's say it as it is; buying a car is very expensive but if you dont have a car insurance maintaining it can prove to be even more expensive. Before you are done paying for the EMIs on your car loan, you may find yourself shelling out repair costs if your car is not well maintained. Car maintenance not only improves its performance, but also helps save money on repairs and enables you to procure a good deal when you choose to sell off your car for a new one. Yes, it is very important to maintain your car, and you should not ever ignore sending it to the service facility as per the maintenance schedule provided by your car dealer. Here are a few general car maintenance tips.

Check the fluids regularly: It takes only about ten minutes to inspect the car fluids and should be done at least once a week. All you have to do is open your car's engine when it is not hot and then detach the oil dipstick. The dipstick should be thoroughly cleaned before you put it into the engine. Pull the dipstick again and check the amount of oil sticking to it. This is a great indicator that helps you understand when the engine oil needs to be changed. You must also check the power steering fluid levels along with belts and hoses for signs of wear and tear. The transmission fluid can be checked in a similar manner, but you need to warm up your car for the same. Checking for fluids is one of the most basic car maintenance tips.

Inspect your car tyres regularly: Another part of the car that warrants regular check-ups, are your car's tires. You need to check the tyre pressure regularly and this can be done with the help of a gauge. You must ensure however, the pressure for all tyres is correct at all time. To reduce the wear and tear of tires, you should conduct this check at least twice a month.

Inspect the air filter: Faulty air filters result in a lot of wear and tear which is why it is essential to change the air filters once a year or after every 15,000 kilometres completed, whichever comes first. If you ignore this car maintenance tip, you could face problems with the air conditioning in the car and end up breathing unhealthy air. It is better to take the car to the auto dealership to get the filters replaced instead of doing it on your own.

Check the car's batteries: Your car batteries will most likely run out when you find yourself stranded in the middle of an area you don't know well or while you are driving in the late night and you have no help nearby. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the low battery sign and get your batteries checked regularly. You must also check for mineral build up or leakage around the batteries and clean it regularly with the help of a battery cleaning brush.

Inspect the brakes: Inspecting breaks is among the many easy car maintenance tips that can help increase your car's longevity, while also ensuring that your car is safe while it is in motion. It is very easy to get your car's brakes checked as well as replaced, if necessary. All you need to do is check your brake fluids and if it is even a slight bit dark, you may need to change it. The darkness of the fluid indicates that it is filled with rubber and it is time to replace the brake fluid as quickly as possible. To increase the durability of the brakes, they should be replaced every two years and the rubber brake lines should be changed for cars older than seven years, to ensure a smooth driving experience.

Replace the spark plugs: Damaged spark plugs can affect the working of your car's engine and its efficiency. If you ignore checking and replacing these plugs, they may wear out easily. Spark plugs typically last for up to 45,000 kilometres. Your owner's manual comes with car maintenance tips and can give you an accurate idea as to when you should replace the spark plugs.

As much as your vehicle's spare parts require attention, your four-wheeler could fade off owing to natural calamity or an accident. Get them insured at Liberty General Insurance now!

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