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How Do I Find My Insurance Policy Number?

09 Feb 2019

Car Insurance Article

What’s in a number? A lot, if it is a car insurance policy number. When we first get our insurance document, we probably do not realise that a unique number that appears on it holds so much value.
But, God forbid, if you are involved in an accident or stopped by police, your policy number is the first thing you need. You can’t do without it.

This blog tries to explain why a car insurance policy number is important, how to find it and why a policyholder should keep tabs on it all the time. But before that, let us first understand what a policy number is.

What is a policy number?

A policy number is a unique number that an insurance company uses to identify you as a policyholder. The insurance companies use unique numbers to differentiate between their customers. In India, the car insurance policy number has 8-10 digits. The number remains the same throughout the tenure of your policy if you do not change your insurer. It does not matter how many cars you change; your number remains unchanged if your insurer is constant.

Why insurance policy number is important for us?

The policy number is the key to your insurance account with the insurer. It is used for all types of payments and communications. The number gives access to details such as the insurance coverage, premiums, the expiration date of the policy and limitations of the policy.

When do you need the car insurance policy number the most?

You need to have the insurance policy number with you every time you drive a car, but you require it urgently in any of the following situations.

1. Car accident or damage: When your car is involved in an accident, the first thing you will need is the car insurance number. You will need to inform the police and your insurer. Both will ask you for the insurance number. 

2. When cops stop you: Driving an uninsured vehicle is a criminal offence in India, and the first thing the cops ask you after stopping your car for checking is proof of car insurance and driving licence. 

3. To contact the insurer: Every time you reach your insurer for any transaction or details, you will need to cite your insurance policy number. 

4. Settling a claim: Settling an insurance claim without a policy number check is unthinkable. You will need to provide the policy number.

5. Selling your car: The buyer may ask you to share the policy number to check the car’s insurance coverage validity. The number may also be used at the time of transferring the no-claim bonus from the sold car to the new vehicle.

6. Updating your car policy details: Whenever your need to update your card details, you will be required to provide the policy number. 

7. Applying for a duplicate policy document: You must have the policy number if you apply for a duplicate copy of the policy document.

Where and how can I find my policy number?

The most obvious place for your insurance policy is the insurance certificate or card that your insurer sends either online or by post. The number can also be found on any billing statement or communication you receive from the insurance company from time to time. You can conduct your policy number insurance check in a variety of ways.

Following are some of the sources from which you can find the car insurance number:

IIB website

One of the convenient ways to locate your policy number and other policy details is by browsing the official portal of the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB). The portal maintains records of vehicles from April 1, 2010. Before logging on, you must have personal details such as name, address, car number, date of birth, email ID, registration number, and date and place of accident. The only condition is that your insurance policy must be at least two months old; otherwise, it may not be available on the IIB site. You get a maximum of three attempts through an authorised phone number or email ID to search for the policy number.

Insurer’s portal or mobile app

You can access your policy number from the insurer’s portal or mobile app. You will need basic details related to your identity and vehicle’s details, such as registration number.

Customer care

You can call the customer care of your car insurer and obtain the policy number after providing identity details.

Visit insurer’s office

A policyholder can visit the office of the insurance company or any of its branches to get the policy number.

Finding policy details through vehicle number

You can find the insurance policy number by vehicle number. Your car insurance policy is linked to your registration number. You can visit the official website of the Regional Transport Office in your state and access the policy number by using the registration number of your car. Similarly, you can get the number from the websites of the state transport department, the ministry of road transport and highways of the Union government and the Insurance Information Bureau.

Tip for car owners:

Your car is as good as it is insured. Buying car insurance is a legal requirement in India, as every vehicle running or parked on the roads needs to be insured. But most people usually go for third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance with a minimal premium. Your car needs adequate protection for bad times, and it’s a good idea to pay a little more now and save unpredictable expenses later. 

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Disclaimer: For more details on risk factors, terms & conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. *The discount amount will vary subject to vehicle specification and place of registration

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