Health Insurance Articles

Here's Why You Need to Start Early With Health Insurance

June 03,2019

When you are young and healthy, it is common for people to believe that they are fine and won't require any medical attention, at least not in the near future. But, times are changing and so is your lifestyle. So, you need to be cognizant about the fact that your health can be at risk!....

How do You Choose Your Health Insurance?

June 03,2019

By now, most of us know that health insurance provides coverage against expenditure caused by a medical emergency. With rising medical care costs and numerous lifestyle diseases, not having an adequate health insurance cover can lead to major financial repercussions in case of a medical emergency.....

What is and isn’t covered in your health insurance policy

May 25,2019

No matter how young or old we are, how health conscious we are or aren’t; health risks can creep up any time. We may require sudden hospitalisation which brings with it a lot of emotional and financial stress. Instead of worrying about how finances can be managed in such stressful.....

Long term health insurance policies

May 22,2019

all of us are going to grow older and our health will not remain the same when we do. Old age brings with it a lot of health issues. There comes a time when we cannot even look after ourselves well enough. If we are not smart about taking care of our health while we are younger.....

What you need to know about insurance for knee replacement surgeries

May 08,2019

As we grow older, our body starts becoming weaker. It becomes more and more difficult for us to continue with our daily activities. Most old people complain of pains in their joints, muscles and even knees. In most cases, as the knee begins to weaken, people find the need to undergo.....

Ill effects of smoking you should consider before you light a cigarette

May 02,2019

That smoking affects your heath adversely is not new information. Whether you choose to smoke a cigarette or vape, you should know that it impacts your health negatively. Most people use cigarettes as a crutch, claiming that it relaxes them, when they are stressed. While cigarettes appear to relieve.....

Step by step guide for porting health insurance

April 18,2019

When it comes to health insurance, most people prefer to invest in a policy that can be purchased by paying affordable premiums, while also offering high amounts of coverage. Apart from these two factors, one also looks at the level of services offered by the insurer, the flexibility of guidelines.....

Easy ways to check your heart health in the comfort of your home

April 15,2019

The heart is the most vital organ in the human body. It is primarily responsible for pumping blood throughout your body through the circulatory system. It also supplies oxygen and the necessary nutrients to the heart tissues while eliminating wastes such as carbon dioxide.....

Importance of health insurance

April 12,2019

Usually, the first thought that pops up in your mind when you enter a hospital is how much lighter your wallet will be when you leave. In a world of advanced technologies, the field of medicine is one of the frontrunners, and with technology comes cost. It is not uncommon for a routine....

Benefits of following a healthy diet

April 11,2019

Who doesn’t like to eat? All of us have some or the other favourite foods that we like to binge on every now and then. Most of these food items are typically junk items laden with lots of calories, fats, sodium, cholesterol and all things unhealthy. Yes, we are all human and yes we need to soothe ourselves.....

Understanding the causes of high blood pressure

April 11,2019

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a common condition that most people have, yet many do not realise it. It is a condition that generally does not have any warning signs but can lead to life-threatening conditions like strokes and heart attack, if it goes undetected. This is why it is essential to you.....

Critical illness cover – Everything you need to know

April 11,2019

There used to be a time when life-threatening diseases like tumours and cancers were regarded as rare. But this is not the case anymore. Today, a diagnosis of cancer has become as common as a common cold. The fast-paced lifestyle of people coupled with stressful work hours....

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