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The many benefits of following a healthy diet

11 Apr 2019

Car Insurance Article

Who doesn't like to eat? All of us have some or the other favourite foods that we like to binge on every now and then. Most of these food items are typically junk items laden with lots of calories, fats, sodium, cholesterol and all things unhealthy. Yes, we are all human and yes we need to soothe ourselves with comfort food once in a while, but we must ensure we nourish our body with healthy food items more often than we indulge ourselves with foods that can affect our body's health in the long term. Here are the many benefits of eating healthy.

It helps keep your weight in control:

Most of us begin to gain weight once we cross our 30s. Unhealthy eating habits are the number one reason for weight gain and can lead to obesity and several other chronic conditions. A healthy diet, coupled with just half hour's exercise, can help you keep your weight in control. You should include foods rich in all the necessary nutrients including proteins, minerals, iron, fibre etc., while cutting out sugars and complex carbohydrates to manage your weight.

It reduces your risk of cancers:

The benefits of eating healthy food also include reduced risks of cancers. Junk food leads to obesity, which further leads to the development of various kinds of cancers. A diet rich in natural produce such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans and nuts contain phytochemicals which act as anti-oxidants and protect cells from damaging, thus preventing prevent cancer cells from developing.

It keeps your heart strong:

Cardiovascular diseases have become very common, even among the youth today. The cases of premature heart diseases and strokes have risen in the past few years. This is attributed to stressful lifestyles, which affect the heart the most. If you are struggling to manage your stress levels, it is in your best interest to cultivate healthy eating habits. You can keep your heart healthy by including foods such as almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts and green vegetables, all of which contain high amounts of Vitamin E, which is beneficial for the heart.

It protects your skin and hair:

One of the more noticeable ill-effects of eating junk food is the dullness of skin. No matter what time of the day, your skin looks pale and tired if you do not include healthy food items in your diet. You can reap the benefits of healthy eating habits by including foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help your skin regain its natural glow. Foods like avocados, fatty fish, tomatoes, dark chocolate, walnuts are tasty while they can also do wonders for your skin.

It improves your cognitive functions:

Cognitive functions begin to decline as you grow old. The early arrival of old age diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's can be prevented if you improve your eating habits when you are young. A diet rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, Vitamins C, D and E, and omega 3 fatty acids, not only prevents the deterioration of cognitive functions but also improves your cognitive abilities in general.

It keeps your gut healthy:

Another essential benefit of healthy eating and exercise, is that your gut stays healthy. Your colon comprises of naturally occurring bacteria that play a vital role in digestion and metabolism. Bacteria strains also produce B and K Vitamins which are beneficial for the colon and help fight harmful bacteria. To keep your colon healthy you need to include a combination of foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains that are loaded with prebiotics and probiotics and help good bacteria thrive in the colon.

These habits do not come handy when you may face sudden hospitalisation. Life is unpredictable. To save yourself and your dear ones from critical illnesses, get a Liberty General Insurance health plan today!

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