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    We all have possessions that we would not want to lose, and they can be items of intrinsic need or of great sentimental value. From laptops to cameras and mobile phones, items that are an essential part of our life need protection just like everything else. The protection of things that we own is of primary importance, and the “All Risk Insurance policy” by Liberty General Insurance can cover you in case of loss or damage, whether seen or unforeseen.

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    With an All Risk Insurance policy in place, your valuables are well protected. Should any accident cause damage or loss of your items, this policy can provide coverage for their repair or replacement.

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    Sum Insured

    The sum insured for this policy is fixed as per the current market value of the items that you insure.

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    The premium to be paid will be fixed depending on the sum insured, extra covers opted, exposure to risk, and the type of items.

Please read the policy wordings for more information.*Terms & Conditions apply.


If you own valuables that you wish to insure, like jewellery, electronics, or antiques, you are eligible to buy this insurance.

For a better understanding of eligibility, please read the policy wordings.

This 'all risk' policy covers to your assets and equipment, whether they are on your premises or are being transported to another location. This policy reimburses for the repair or replacement of the insured property. This includes:

  • Portable equipment, like laptops, cameras, mobiles, camcorders, etc.
  • Fine arts
  • Paintings
  • Jewellery and valuables
  • Antiques

Some of the circumstances that are covered under this policy include:

  • Fire
  • Riot and s​trike
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • ​Accidental damage

The geographical scope of the policy is India, unless it has been specifically extended to include a worldwide coverage (claims will be settled in INR).

Before the settlement of a claim under the All Risk Insurance, the company may make good on the settlement by reinstating or replacing any of the property stolen or repairing the premises damaged, instead of a cash settlement.

For a more detailed list of inclusions, please read the policy wordings.

The All Risk Insurance is a ‘named excluded perils’ policy, which means that there are some specified risks that are not covered by it. This list includes:

  • War and nuclear events
  • Willful acts
  • Inventory losses
  • Defective design
  • Consequential loss
  • Legal liability of any kind
  • Terrorism
  • Delay, detention, or confiscation by Customs or other authorities

For a more detailed list of inclusions, please read the policy wordings.

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The Client has highly appreciated the inputs and report from Mr. Sudhanshu.
Its because of him we were able to convince the client to move to Liberty along with local sales support.​

Rohit Kapoor
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We find the report is very exhaustive in bringing out the risk exposures and the works the client has to carry out for risk elimination. Surely the client will be benefited by the suggestions you have put forth.​

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The contents of your newsletter are quite interesting and informative.

This will help in creating awareness in the industry about the loss prevention and good maintenance.

Thanks for the good work you are doing.​

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