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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy

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    A business is built on a foundation of trust among the owners and the employees. Every employee works towards growing an organization. They handle stocks, goods, and even money for the firm. So what happens, if one employee betrays your trust? It could lead to mental, moral, and financial issues in your organization. This is when a Fidelity Guarantee Insurance policy can step in to save your business. It can help you safeguard your business from the worse betrayals.

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    A fraud committed by an employee is not just mentally and emotionally exhausting, but can give rise to financial repercussions for your business as well. Though it can’t do much about feeling betrayed, the Fidelity Guarantee Insurance can cover you for pecuniary or monetary losses that your business faces in this situation.

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    Sum Insured

    The sum insured under this policy is decided in aggregate, for the policy period. The sum insured is fixed on the basis of a few factors, including:

    1. Number of employees, their occupations
    2. Maximum amount of money or stock that is handled by the employee
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    The premium will depend on the sum insured and the employees covered and their nature of work.

For more details, please read the policy wordings. *Terms & Conditions apply.​​


You can avail this policy if you own a business and employ individuals to work for you.

To understand eligibility better, please read the policy wordings.

Subject to terms and conditions, this policy covers direct pecuniary losses caused by fraud or dishonesty committed by the employees, during the policy period. The fidelity guarantee policy is also applicable on frauds that are discovered in up to 12 calendar months from the retirement, dismissal, or death of the fraudulent employee, or from the expiry of the policy. The insurer is liable to pay one claim for the action of any one employee, in this case.

Things to know:

"Limit of Liability" is the amount that is stated in the Schedule, and is the maximum liability under this Policy (regardless of the number or amount of claims made) for claims made during the policy period.

"Fraud or Dishonesty" is the act of stealing, embezzlement, misappropriation, or fraudulent conversion by the employee.

"Direct Financial Loss" refers to the loss of moneys and/or stock belonging to the insured, proved to have been criminally misappropriated by the employed, excluding consequential losses.

For a more exhaustive list, please read the policy wordings.

Exclusions under the Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy include:

  • Consequential loss of any kind
  • Loss arising outside the set geographical location
  • Unexplained losses or shortages discovered at stock taking
  • Any legal liability
  • Expenses incurred by the insured in establishing the existence of or quantification of any fact that gives rise to a claim under the policy

For a more exhaustive list of exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings.

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The Client has highly appreciated the inputs and report from Mr. Sudhanshu.
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We find the report is very exhaustive in bringing out the risk exposures and the works the client has to carry out for risk elimination. Surely the client will be benefited by the suggestions you have put forth.​

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The contents of your newsletter are quite interesting and informative.

This will help in creating awareness in the industry about the loss prevention and good maintenance.

Thanks for the good work you are doing.​

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