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  • Private Car Package Policy
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On road protection for your investment

Private Car Package Policy

Key Benefits of Private Car Package Policy

Wouldn’t you want your valuable car to run smoothly instead of bogging you down?
If you do, you must certainly need a car insurance policy to back you up. Catch up with some other benefits here –
  • Hassle free claim

    Inspection & cashless claim service at 1900+ network garages

  • Quick settlement

    Settlement within 7 working days

  • Transfer NCBs

    Transfer Existing No Claim Bonus from any insurance provider

  • Avail additional benefits

    Get additional protection & convenience through different add on covers

  • Telephonic Service

    For effective claims support & assistance from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily

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Private Car Package Policy

Life constitutes of both smooth and bumpy roads. Since buying a car is a glorious personal achievement in the journey, you will definitely want it to last long. Car insurance allows you to always get back on track instead of stopping at road blocks. It assists you in getting past all the hitches that you meet along the way.

When it comes to your car, you need not be burdened by extra losses, which is why car insurance is essential for you. At Liberty General Insurance, we bring to you a private car package policy that adds convenience and balance to your car coverage.

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What does this Private Car Package Policy Cover?

Private Car insurance that you buy online from Liberty General Insurance comes with a number of benefits, including:
  • Personal Accident cover, in case of loss of limb or sight, disablement or death
  • Liability for third party injury or death and for damage caused to their property
  • Reimbursement for costs incurred for loss or damage to the vehicle

Situations that are covered under the policy, under which you can claim reimbursement for loss or damage, include:

  • By Accident external means
  • Lightning
  • Self-ignition
  • Fire explosion
  • Burglary
  • Housebreaking or theft
  • Malicious act
  • Riot and strike
  • Terrorism
  • Natural disasters, like earthquake, flood, landslide, rockslide, cyclone and inundation
  • While your car is in transit by rail, road, air, elevator, lift.

By paying a little more premium for your private car package policy, you can get some extra coverage for:

  • Loss or damage to the accessories in your car (electrical and non-electrical)
  • Personal Accident cover for the passenger(s)
  • Legal liability for people you have employed (paid drivers)

What is NOT covered in this Private Car Package Policy?

There are a few situations that are not covered in Liberty General Car Insurance. The major exclusions of this private car insurance policy are:
  • Consequential loss
  • Claims arising out any contractual liability
  • Loss or damage covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or part of manufacturer’s recall
  • Depreciation; wear and tear
  • Mechanical and Electrical breakdown; failure or breakage
  • When the vehicle is used outside the geographical area
  • When used contrary to limitations as to use
  • When driven by a person not holding a valid and effective driving license
  • War perils, nuclear perils and drunken driving

Add-on Covers

When you buy private car insurance online with Liberty General Insurance, you will also receive an option to buy add-on covers to enhance your private car insurance. Liberty General Insurance wants you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your private car insurance, and offer the following 5 covers:

Depreciation Cover

  • Normally, if a car has to get some parts replaced under accidental claim, the owner has to pay for some deductions that are made in the name of depreciation of the parts. But with this private car insurance add-on, you can avail complete coverage for the entire cost.

Consumable Cover

  • Consumables such as, grease, screws, washers, nuts and bolts, break oil, etc.; i.e. items that are unfit for use after damage to the car, are not covered under a private car insurance. But with this add-on, the cost of consumables are reimbursed for.

GAP value cover

  • There is generally a difference between the showroom price and the IDV of a vehicle. With the private car insurance GAP value cover, the 100% cost of the vehicle is covered.

Passenger Assist Cover

  • This add-on cover provides financial coverage (hospital allowance, medical expenses, and medical transport assistance) for the passengers and the driver, in case of an accident.

Roadside Assistance cover

  • This cover enables the insured to avail roadside assistance services like mechanical & accidental breakdown towing, on site repairs, arrangement of emergency fuel, battery jumpstart, flat tire change, locked and lost keys and host of other road side emergency assistances.

Disclaimer:The details furnished above are indicative & do not constitute the entire terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy. For further detail please refer to policy wordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer:The details furnished above are indicative & do not constitute the entire terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy. For further detail please refer to policy wordings

Disclaimer:The details furnished above are indicative & do not constitute the entire terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy. For further detail please refer to policy wordings

Disclaimer:The details furnished above are indicative & do not constitute the entire terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy. For further detail please refer to policy wordings

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Listen to Our Customers

Dear Pritam and Rajesh,

I really appreciate your extra efforts you put to close our deal quickly. You both helped and assist in many ways for buying me this insurance Policy. 

Seniors NOTE, really they both helped us a lot till last as I got frustrated with agents delay and less time to get my cars delivery. Hats off again to your devoted/ committed staff.

Dr. Raminder Gill

​Thank You very much for your prompt service, while taking insurance from your company, some people told that, if I have to face problem(Like visit to dealer and insurance company surveyor and office, no cashless facility etc) while claim comes , you have proven that all those words are wrong and we can take from other than dealer also, I would like to express my please for your service.

N. Rama Mohan Rao

Dear Akash,

Good day...!

We are thankful for your esteemed support in receiving the Insurance amount for our Stationary store, which was under serious damage during the Kerala flood happened in August 2018. We have restarted the business and we are appreciating the timely support from your insurance company in recovering our losses..!

Raveendran Nair

 Dear Akash, I really appreciate you for the good work done for completing the survey of my flood affected home and releasing the fund to my bank account in a couple of days. This was definitely a relief for us in this difficult situation. I will surely recommend Liberty insurance to my friends and family.

Susamma Kuriakose

Mr Manish Bhatia
its a pleasure talking to you over the phone from your lane line 61676500
i would like to appreciate your call as this is so surprise at least you bother to reply my Facebook complaint
i would like to give you regards about  accepting my complaint  and understand my problem like no other office( who is handling my claim repressively) is involved in this talk before at least you have called and given assurance that we resole same in next asap 
i would personally want  to thanks  liberty videocon that they have chose  best employ like  Mr Manish Bhatia i salute you sir.
regd dilip shah

Dilip Shah

Prompt Response on each and every mail. Excellent Customer care team ​

Manjo Kumar

Thanks ,
I would like to thank you as you have supported me so much and making me look positive in each side.
I am very grateful to you for what you have done.

Vaibhav Kumpavat

Dear Manish, many thanks for correcting the address and sending the fresh policy soft copy. I am really grateful for taking personal care & promptness in dealing with my request​

Pranob Chakrobarty

My query is solved thank you so much liberty I really appreciate that...though I got problems you solved at the I'm happy for it thank you for supporting your customer I'm satisfied 

Ravi Patel

Thank you for the mail. I am appreciating your team for they done my request on the same time.​

Ekta Mishra

I would like to thanks for all your cooperation and support, I also appreciate your prompt response on cancellation of all the policy & its payment.
Wish you a best luck for your future ahead.

Prashant Jain

Dear Akash, 

I am Mariyumma, one of the beneficiaries of Liberty Insurance. Our family were one of the keralites who lost many of their valuables in the flood faced on the month of August. Mr.Akshay and officials of Liberty Insurance visited  and consolidated my family members. I am thankful to Mr.Akshay and the Officials of Liberty Insurance for granting a policy amount of lakh eighteen thousand within one week of their visit. It was a great help for recovering from the calamity.​


Mariyumma K A
Private Car Insurance
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  • UDAY Y

    7/5/2016 3:48:26 AM

    I am happy to see that being a small company the employees talk to each other & resolve customer queries fast. I am pleased with the speed of service. Very professional people.


    7/5/2016 1:08:25 PM


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