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HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus Plan

HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus: A no-compromise health insurance plan that goes the extra mile for you!

You are an achiever who will not settle for second best in anything. Naturally, when it comes to matters of health, you will brook no short-cuts or compromises. HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus is designed with just you in mind.
Optimum Plus is a top-of-the-line comprehensive health insurance policy with a Sum Insured of up to Rs 1 crore. Whether you are a thriving entrepreneur, an established businessperson, a C-level executive, or a successful professional, the plan’s array of features and benefits will meet your exacting standards and needs.

Key Benefits of HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus

Some of the main HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus benefits offered as part of HealthPrime Connect Policy are as follows:
  • Attractive Renewal Benefits

    Special Expenses

    Get more confidence in diagnosis or course of treatment with a second opinion

  • Free Look Period

    Maternity and childcare expenses

    Give the mother and child the loving care they deserve with extensive maternity and childcare benefits.

  • Unique Loyalty Perk Benefits

    Expenses on special treatments

    AYUSH treatment (10% of SI)

    Laser eye surgery (Rs 50000) and Vaccination against animal bite (Rs 7000)

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Features and benefits of HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus

1. High Sum Insured:

  • Get the best treatment possible with coverage ranging from Rs 75 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

2. All expenses paid:

  • Inpatient and daycare treatment
  • Maximum pre- and post-hospitalisation coverage from 90 days pre to 180 days post
  • Worry-free treatment at home, with coverage of 10% of Sum Insured.

3. Allowances:

  • Hospital Daily Cash: Rs 4000 per day max up to 10th day
  • Ambulance charges: Rs 8000
  • Nursing Allowance: Rs 4000 per day

4. Special Expenses:

  • Get more confidence in diagnosis or course of treatment with a second opinion
  • Screening and treatment of organ donor (up to Sum Insured)

5. Maternity and childcare expenses:

  • Give the mother and child the loving care they deserve with extensive maternity and childcare benefits.
  • Maternity expenses up to Rs 150000
  • Antenatal and postnatal care up to Rs 15000
  • Infant care up to Rs 20000
  • Baby vaccinations till age 3 up to Rs 10000
  • Screening of newborn up to Rs 6000
  • Banking of stem cell from the umbilical cord for the first year up to Rs 10000

6. Expenses on special treatments

  • AYUSH treatment (10% of SI)
  • Laser eye surgery (Rs 50000)
  • Vaccination against animal bite (Rs 7000)
  • Obesity treatment if BMI is >40 (Rs 500000)
  • Infertility treatment (Rs 100000)

7. Wellness benefits including preventive care services and earn and burn rewards for a healthy lifestyle

8. Enjoy 100% restoration of Sum Insured if you have exhausted it and use it for an unrelated claim in the same year.

9. Get Emergency assistance while you are 150-km away from your permanent residence

10. Renewal Benefits:

  • Earn Rs 10,000 reward on renewal after two claim-free years. Use the bonus for non-medical expenses
  • Enjoy cashless checkup on every renewal
  • Increase your Basic Sum Insured by 10% every claim-free year
  • Increase or change your cover during renewal

11. Optional benefits:

  • Cumulative Bonus Enhancer: Add 25% to your Basic Sum Insured after every claim-free year (up to 150%)
  • Avail of special Sum Insured limits of Rs 10000, Rs 15000, Rs 20000 and Rs 30000 for OPD expenses
  • Crtical Illness & Personal Accident Cover:
    • Critical Illness Cover – Get to choose the Sum Insured of Rs 500000 or Rs. 1000000
    • Persona Accident Cover - Up to 100% or 150% of Critical Illness Sum Inured
    • Adventure sports – Get Up to 10% of Personal Accident Sum Insured
  • Get up to 50% of Basic Sum Insured as worldwide coverage

Frequently Asked Questions(HealthPrime Connect – Optimum Plus)

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Q 1. I want health cover for my family and myself. How can I do that with one policy?


With Optimum Plus, you can cover yourself and your loved ones either through an individual plan (fixed Sum Insured for each member) or a floater plan (one Sum Insured for the entire family).
You can insure yourself and your spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, siblings, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and grandparents in an individual plan. If you include more than two members, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the premium
In a floater plan, you can add yourself and your spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law with a maximum of two adults and three children

Q 2. What is the maximum cover I can get?

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You can get insured for up to Rs 1 crore.

Q 3. Tell me a little bit about the global coverage of the plan.

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You can buy worldwide coverage with the Optimum Plus plan as an add on. Coverage is up to 50% of Sum Insured.
You will be reimbursed for hospitalisation expenses in INR.

Q 4. Does the policy cover pre-existing conditions?

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Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered. However, coverage starts after a continuous period of 36 months of the policy being in force

Q 5. Can I get an extension on my policy tenure?

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You can get an extension of tenure when you are out of the country for a continuous period of 15 days.

Q 6. Are maternity benefits available?

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Yes, maternal and infant care expenses are covered according to specified limits under the Optimum Plus plan.

Q 7. Is alternative treatment covered?

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Yes. The plan covers AYUSH treatment at a government-recognised or accredited centre.

Q 8. Is laser eye surgery covered?

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Yes, up to the specified limit.


Product Name:-HealthPrime Connect - Optimum Plus Plan - Liberty General Insurance Limited , Product UIN: LIBHLIP19050V011920.

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