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Insure the Machinery that drives your Business

Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance

Features & Benefits

  • Requirements


    The machinery in any industrial sector business is much like the organ within the human body, the functioning of which keeps the body going. It is the product and other outputs from these machineries that generate income in your business. Any damage or loss caused to these machines will mar your product delivery and cease your cash flow thus greatly affecting your business.

    Our Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance policy is designed to help you overcome all such risks.

  • Benefits


    For businesses that depend greatly on tools and machineries, a damage or loss to the same could put the processes to a stop. The repairing and restoring phase shall cause further financial losses and time lags. This insurance policy will not only compensate for loss of profits, but also the expenses or costs arising due to the cessation of the regular business processes.

  • Sum Insured

    Sum Insured

    Coming as an indemnity policy, it includes an insured sum the basis of which is the expected gross profit of your business and the period of indemnity.

  • Premium


    The premium amount that is to be paid depends on factors such as:???

    1. Age of the machinery
    2. Criticality of the machinery along with the relative importance of the machinery
    3. The time needed for the replacement of the equipment
    4. The availability of spare machinery

Please read the policy wordings.for more information.


If you have a material damage policy (either Machinery Breakdown or Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance policy) in place buying this policy can be of use to you.

For better understanding eligibility, please read the policy wordings.??????

Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance is an expansion of Machinery Breakdown / Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance policy. It follows the fortune of the material damage policy as per the material damage provisions.

It is essential for a Machinery Loss of Profit Policy to possess a material damage policy in influence during the occurrence of the damage protecting the interest of the insured in the property at the premises against such damage.

The Machinery Loss of Profit policy will pay for the following:

  • Loss of net profit due to the cessation of business as a consequence of insured perils
  • Standing charges which accumulate despite the cessation of business
  • Additional expenses sustained to maintain the regular business processes during the period when the business is affected

The above list is not exhaustive. Please read the policy wordings. for a detailed list of inclusions and other details.

Any resulting loss arising out of causes excluded by the Machinery Breakdown or Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance Policy is not covered by the Machinery Loss of Profit insurance policy.

Under the Machinery Loss of Profit insurance policy, the company cannot be accounted for any loss arising due to direct or indirect interference attributable to causes like

  • Deliberate act or neglect or gross negligence of the Insured or his responsible representatives
  • Damage or loss to the machinery or other items not mentioned in the list of machinery insured though the consequence of material damage to an indicated item in the list of insured machinery is included
  • Damage or loss resulting from defects existing at the time of start of this insurance in the knowledge of the Insured or his responsible representatives whether such defects were known to the Company or not
  • Destruction, Shortage, decline and spoilage of or damage to raw materials, finished or semi-finished products or catalyst or operating media (such as fuel, refrigerant, lubricating oil, heating media etc.) although the result of material damage to an item indicated in the list of insured machinery is included.
  • Any restrictions on reconstruction or operation imposed by any public authority.
  • An extension of the normal repair period for more than 4 weeks on account of ???
    • The inability to secure or delays in securing replacement parts, machines or technical services.
    • The inability to carry or delays in carrying out repairs.
    • The prohibition to operate the machinery due to import and/or export customs & other restrictions or by statutory regulations.
    • Transport of parts to and from the Insured???s premises.
  • Changes, enhancements or overhauls being made while repairs or replacements of damaged or destroyed property are being carried out.
  • Loss damage and/or liability caused by or arising from or in consequence directly or indirectly of -
    • Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination
    • Invasion, War, Act of foreign enemy, hostilities or War like operations (whether war be declared or not), Rebellion, Civil War, Revolution, Mutiny, Strike, Insurrection, Lockout, Riot and Malicious Damage, Military or usurped power Civil Commotion, martial law, confiscation, conspiracy, commandeering a group of malicious person or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any political organization, requisition or destruction or damage by order of any government de jure or de facto or by any public. Municipal or Local Authority, an act of terrorism or the action of any lawfully constituted authority in suppressing or attempting to suppress or minimize the consequences thereof.

The above list is not exhaustive. Please read the policy wordings. for a detailed list of inclusions and other details.

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