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Health Claims Made Easy: Understanding Liberty Insurance's Claims Policies and Procedures

Health Insurance Article

When you purchase a health insurance policy, you receive a sum insured, which is a financial coverage amount. This sum insured is utilised to provide financial assistance in cases of emergency hospitalisation or medical expenses.

To utilise your sum insured, you need to file a health insurance claim directly with your insurer. Once your claim is successfully registered, the insurer will reimburse the incurred medical treatment expenses. The process of health claims to benefit from the insurance company is known as health insurance claim settlement.

How Does the Health Insurance Claim Process Work?

As a health insurance policyholder, when you incur medical expenses and want to receive compensation, you must initiate the health insurance claim. The insurer is responsible for reimbursing the healthcare costs as outlined in the policy. Under their health insurance policy , you have the option to file either a cashless health insurance claim or a reimbursement health insurance claim.

In the case of cashless health claims, you as the policyholder, need to collaborate with the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and provide the necessary documentation.

On the other hand, for reimbursement claims, you must contact the health insurance company within the specified timeframe.

How to Make a Health Insurance Claim?

We, at Liberty General Insurance, offer a fast and convenient claims process through our trusted partner, Vipul Med Corp TPA. We are dedicated to ensuring that your claim is settled promptly, and we support and assist you during the times when you require our assistance the most.

Here’s how you can register a claim at Liberty General Insurance:

• Contact us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-102-7477, available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days a week.
• Alternatively, you can send an email to
• If you prefer written communication, you can send a claim intimation letter by post or courier to our appointed TPA or the relevant branch office. You can find the nearest Vipul Med Corp TPA branch to your location.

Our TPA representatives will promptly reach out to you and provide guidance throughout the health claims process.

For planned hospitalisations, please ensure you intimate our appointed TPA at least 48 hours in advance. In emergency situations, it is essential to notify us within 24 hours of post-hospitalisation.

For more detailed information about the claims process, kindly refer to our Claims Guide Booklet document.

How to Check Claim Status?

In the case of Cashless Claims: To track the progress of your cashless health insurance claims, you can inquire about the status at the insurance help desk located within the hospital premises. The staff there will initiate the process and provide you with information regarding any deductibles that need to be cleared.

In the case of Reimbursement Claims: To obtain updates on the status of your reimbursement insurance claim, it is advisable to contact your insurance provider. You can reach out to them using their toll-free number or email ID for further assistance.

What Documents Are Required for Health Insurance Claims?

For any health claims, one of the most important documents is the duly filled and signed claim form. Other documents you must provide include a photocopy of the current year's health insurance policy, an original payment receipt from the hospital, medicine bills, etc. Check out the detailed requirement of documents you will need for all types of insurance at Liberty General Insurance.

Tips to Make a Successful Health Insurance Claim

• When purchasing insurance, it is important to be transparent about your medical history and not withhold any information.
• When filing an insurance claim, make sure to adhere to the specified conditions and timeframes for claim intimation.
• Keep the original bills, invoices, as well as diagnostic and investigative reports for documentation purposes.
• Familiarise yourself with the exclusions, terms, and conditions that are relevant to your insurance plan.
• Notify your insurance provider about the claim as soon as possible.
• Be aware of the waiting period that applies to your insurance policy.

We hope that you now have a comprehensive understanding of health insurance claims and the process of claiming medical insurance. To ensure that your claims are not rejected it is advisable to be fully transparent with your insurance provider.

However, if you have been delaying the purchase of a health insurance policy, you can explore the range of health insurance in India. We, at Liberty General Insurance, provide various health insurance online.

Also, to better understand the importance of buying health insurance at the right time, read our blog on Why Buy Health Insurance Policy at An Early Age?

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