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Additional features of the customised policy

Whether a car covers a distance 100 km or goes on to cover 10,000 km, car owners are expected to pay the same premium on an annual basis. How about if you could buy insurance by the distance you travel rather than for a specific time period? What would you say to a distance-based car insurance product? #DriveLessPayLess enables car owners, who occasionally use their car to pay for insurance basis the distance they cover. It also provides a top-up feature where users can increase their number of kilometres, if exhausted, to ensure that they remain insured.

Pay for the Distance

Pay for the Distance

Additional Voluntary Deductible Options

Additional Voluntary Deductible Options
Inbuilt Road Side assistance

No-Fault Protection

No-Fault Protection

Voluntary  Deductible Option

Easy Top-up

The policy provides a top-up feature where users can increase their number of kilometres, if exhausted, to ensure that they remain insured.

Key Benefits

Well, there are a number of key benefits of buying a Liberty Private Car Insurance Policy, and here are some of the prominent Car insurance details:



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Hassel free claim services

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Liberty India General Insurance commenced operations in 2013 with the aim of providing comprehensive retail, commercial and industrial insurance solutions. The company offers health and personal accident insurance, car and two-wheeler insurance, employee compensation insurance, commercial insurance, fire and engineering insurance, marine insurance and other miscellaneous insurance products in India.

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97+ offices

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Benefit Illustration

The information mentioned below is illustrative and not exhaustive.

Title Description
Name of proposal Motor Insurance – Bundling
Identification No. 96
Period of validity of the proposal August 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021
Name of the product under which the proposal is implemented as add-on Private Car Package Policy
Premium / fees to be
charged for participation
Opting for Motor Insurance – Bundling, reduces your existing Private Car Package Policy premium through appropriate discounts based on the usage and deductible options selected by You. Roadside Assistance and No fault protection features shall also be available to You at no additional premium.
Policy Type Private Car Package Policy Private Car Package Policy - Motor Insurance Bundling  
Make & Model Hyundai I20 1.4 ASTA AT (O) WITH SUNROOF (Petrol) Hyundai I20 1.4 ASTA AT (O) WITH SUNROOF (Petrol)
State of Registration Mumbai (Maharashtra) Mumbai (Maharashtra)
YOM 2018 2018
Vehicle IDV 500000 500000
Pay for Distance Option   3000 Kms
Voluntary Deductible   Rs. 10000
Basic OD Premium 3940 2206
RSA Premium 249 0
OD Premium with Add-on 4189 2206
Basic TP 3221 3221
CPA Premium 375 375
Total TP Premium 3596 3596
Total Premium 7785 5802
GST 1401 1044
Final Premium with Tax 9186 6847
    Enjoy the benefit of No Claim Bonus on Your renewal premium despite having filed a claim under the selected categories of No fault Protection feature.
Information required from you
  1. Photo Identity Proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Current Odometer reading on date of proposal
  4. Expected Odometer reading on inception of the policy
  5. Range of kilometers 3000/5000/7000 or 8000
  6. Voluntary deductible if opted  2500/ 5000/ 7500/ 10000/ 15000/ 20000/ 25000
  7.  Vehicle inspection report
  8.  Previous insurance details
Data collected from you shall be used for Proposal evaluation and policy issuance
Benefits available to you
  • Pay for the distance
While making the purchase, you can choose the maximum kilometre coverage you want to opt for. If you don’t take your vehicle out much, you can opt for a lower coverage. Of course, you have the option of topping up your coverage – by buying an additional number of kilometres if you feel you will exceed your existing coverage.
Accordingly, the cost of your insurance will based on a pay per mile principle i.e. a usage-based car insurance policy. So, if you don’t use your car much during a year, you can pay a lower premium.
  • Voluntary deductibles
You can opt for voluntary deductibles (INR 2500/ 5000/ 7500/ 10000/ 15000/ 20000/ 25000) over and above compulsory deductible and avail discounts on premium for own damage section
  • No-fault protection
Under the No-fault Protection feature, you are allowed the No Claim Bonus at the time of renewal of the policy despite claiming loss or damage under the following conditions:
  • Damage to only the windshield glass of the parked insured vehicle by an external object
  • Loss due to flood/earthquake/Act of God to the parked insured vehicle
  • Free Roadside assistance cover
Services under this cover include:
  • Vehicle relocation to the nearest garage in case of a major breakdown
  • Repair services for minor breakdowns
  • Assistance in case of lockout/ lost keys
  • Changing of flat tyre
  • Arrangement of emergency fuel in case the vehicle runs out of fuel
  • Alternative transport assistance to the nearest safe location for the passengers of the vehicle
You can use these services for a maximum two times during the policy period and will be offered within a radius of 50 km from the place of breakdown to nearest available vendor/repairer.

Inbuilt Roadside Assistance Cover will not include additional expenses regarding replacement of a part, additional fuel and any other service unless mentioned otherwise.
Benefit calculation Discount based on the distance limit and voluntary deductible opted shall be applied on the Private Car Package Policy Own Damage premium.
Your Right In the event this additional features are not available at the time of renewal due to non- approval from the regulatory, only No fault protection benefits w.r.t. NCB will be provided at the time renewal, if applicable.  

You can migrate your policy to existing/any new product of the Company available at the time of renewal.

Important Note: Kindly note that the proposed proposal is implemented as an experiment for a limited period. Any further implementation of the proposal is subject to approval of the Authority.